Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Things that fly . . . at the mere kiss of the breezes . . .

the sun shines, warm and close . . . .

The birds are buzzing,
and the bees singing,
little things marching
on their parade grounds
find their place . . .
on this heaven we sometimes
call earth . . .

We force our way past gravity
reaching toward the unknown . . .. 
dreaming of the impossible,
following our

The dragon folds 
her treasure
into the palms of the lonely,
and dropping her demons to the floor she
lifts her wings
to shine against the
blazing sun

When I find myself lost
in the shadows
I wait, but a moment,
for the sun to follow
her road
above the horizon . . .
where she kisses
my cheeks 
and breathes
her warm life giving
under my
sun dappled
wings . .

. . . and I am
the meadow,
I am the dream of tomorrow,
and the dance of the
eagle's eye,
sparkling . . . . . .
for that moment
that lasts forever . ..


I took all these pictures around Clackamas Town Center near Portland . . .  A small meadow next to the I-205 freeway, inspired me the most . .. and all the art, hanging on poles which intrigue me . . .tend to appear in the most amazing places . . . where they capture the sun and reflect it back to the observer . . .

Saturday, June 16, 2012

An Urban Jungle

I remember when I was quite young, five or four . . . and I was at a birthday 
party where I was quite bored and lonely for I was so shy and never quite 
knew how to BE with other kids. . . 
There was a beautiful, shady back yard with
many plants everywhere and a lovely lady took me under her wings 
and guided me around the garden for a time, 
sharing with me her knowledge of 
the plants that grew like wild things there . .. 
giving me leaves to sniff and
 insects to observe closely 
and songs of the birds to hear . . . 
I never forgot those moments, 
the peacefulness and the awe I felt . . . 
and I have always wanted to emulate that space 
in time ever since . .. for I believe that that was 
heaven and that lady was an angel . . . 
giving me a gift to cherish forever . . .

Today in the jungle of my yard . . . 

I remembered the gardens of my life . . .

Cultivated or not, life is everywhere . . .

Each thing unique to its kind . . .

And each thing unique to itself . . .

As the canopy of life gives us breath . . .

The basics of life gives us strength . . .

The colors of life give us heart . . .

The windows of life give us vision . . .

The vistas of life give us surprises . . .

The closeness of life gives us love.


 All pictures taken in my tiny back yard . . . it's a jungle out there . . .