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"Indigo Sphere" by Sumarongi - Indigo Sphere

As if on command . . . I instantly relaxed . . . cool, hollow music . . .seemingly flowing up from a deep cave, underwater .. . ancient, like old bones . . . floating, a thrumming of a heart-beat . . .peaceful and still as from before all time . . .

Check this one out:

Horizons by Prana World
(celtic, classical, film-score)

Or these:

"Eclipse On The Moon" by Schattenfell
(ambient, electronica)


Poem  . . . .  for: "Black & white" by ELECTRICPLANET

Nature finds its way through the cracks
of our cold hard armor. . .
a ray of sunlight warms our bones,
the flow of water soothes our soul,
a bird sings a sweet startling melody . . .
and lifts us up
on her tiny wings .. .
and as we are touched,
and as we listen,
we become one with this small
blue planet . .
bewildered by  the darkness
of the outer cosmos
we turn to these rays of light
sent to us through the music. . .
like the stars that sparkle in the night,
and the warm glow from our fire light. . .
we are comforted . . .

yes . . . the music does that for us . . .

- M^^W -

Review for : 1966 by St. Isidore Sound Experience

Well . .  .I knew the 60's . . . and I caught only vague shadows of those times in this music . . .  but at any rate I enjoyed the album. It had a light, almost bubbly feel to it, euphoric almost. The music was pleasant with some bits of reminisces of the music of the past. I liked the way the music made my inner being feel . . . good vibes were there . . .

Some of the songs may have been a little bit repetitious but were not overbearing in instrumentality or too many layers . . . I think the artist has a very good idea of what makes a decent album. Over all not a bad listen . . .

Review for: "Sound MiX Part : 2 "  by lil'fellow

The music leaning softly into the night glows quietly. The vocals bring life through the beat . . . the beat brings life through the night.  Each sound mix an unique soul . . . smooth and liquid . . .  perfection in rhythm . . . while the listener can dance the night away .. . . entranced by the music.

Review for :
wunda" by unbriel rising

Strong beats and creative ambient flavors flying through like wispy thoughts, scattered memories and bits of dreams . . . these thoughtfully composed pieces  are brilliant paintings creating sympathetic energies consulting in the creative structures of my brain . . . Lovely and enjoyable listening . . .

We understand that this musician has passed away and we are sad that such a creative person has left our spaces . . .  We wish to make a small token of our esteem and respect through this review. . .

- M^^W -

Review for: "Mind Trips" by Michael Hoffmann

Percussion is the main voice in this album, whispering or shouting, happy or sad . . . it drives the music with its unique emotions, spices and personality . . . . the beat and the brush are all showcased here and expressive of many feelings, ambitions and energies. Any ambient instrumental music involved is merely the wave for this drum and cymbal boat to ride over . . . . and the industrial sounds fill in the edges of raw understanding.

This is very interesting, introspective and peaceful music . . . often quite relaxing and at others forcing an awareness of itself on the listener. The drums and other percussive instruments  represent the power in life . . . the heartbeat, thunderous expressions . . . The echoing existence of sound, reverberating through our understandings and experiences, represents what we see, feel and know . . . There are sounds here, used as paint on a paintbrush to define impressions of landscapes on the peripheries of our experiences . . .

- M^^W -

Review for: "Fable" by Teendar
Delightful, uplifting music . . . with a lot of sparks flying out to meet the listener's ears . . . wonderful compositions . . . play it for your children . . . play it to brighten your dark and gloomy winter's day . . . play it to give yourself a lift . . . like an afternoon at the spa . . .

Review for: "Back on Track" by Joe Keller
Joe Keller creates some of the best music on Jamendo . . . I agree with Carybe that the sun shines through this music and is so uplifting . . .. my morning is dark and rainy and cold . . . . yet here I sit smiling, tapping my toes and pounding out these words as I listen . . . and with a big smile on my face . . .
My favorite song was the sentimental and tender, "Softie." This one was just beautiful and moving . . . a surprising pleasure . . .
Joe's music is uncomplicated but that electric guitar just pops and flies and carries the listener with its moves . . . all these rock songs are perfect to uplift the spirits or listen while working . . . or play it at your party and watch things sparkle . . . .

Review for: "LOVE ALWAYS TO LIVE." by Pascal SER'JACOBS
Pascal creates music with beauty and adventure intertwined . . . he uses emotional string expressions and strong drums to enliven and embroider the tunes. His music rises to meet the stars, splashing color and joy along the way . . . This album is full of love and happiness and a huge dose of kindness . . . as always an excellent Pascal album . . . and a gorgeous album cover to bind it all together.

Review for: "A Winter's tale" by Budapest Dream Orchestra

Nice melodies, great ambient peacefulness. . . catchy beats . . .a little on the jazzy side at times which adds a sparkle that otherwise wouldn't be there . . .. overall very creative for ambient . . . and quite beautiful . . . I particularly enjoyed all the little surprising touches added into all these pieces. I found this music to have some unique aspects which was refreshing and enjoyable. I was just stunned . . . blown away . . . that the artist created all this on an iPhone . . .wow???

Review for: "Clouds" by Joe Keller
he sun came out from behind the clouds just as I started listening to the music from this album. . .

Clouds . . .
Not the kind all covered in solid gray,
like a concrete wall;
but a delicate seashell of golden peach
which gives a lively glow to the day - and a warmth that permeates. . .
Like the agates one finds on the beach,
lift them to the sun
and discover the secrets shining through. . .
These are the things which gives the tingle
right above your heart,
a harbinger of hope, peace and joy.

Just like the music on this album I stumbled on in my wanderings.

Review for : "Zumba - MARANI" by Zumba

Quite a sampling of musical ideas . . . from sunlight filled Aztec styled flutes . . . to a rocking guitar . . .  to a lightly dancing Celtic flavored tune .. ..  to a deep spicy aroma of the Middle East - exotic and tasty . . . to a lively banjo and drum and song to end the album and definitely not to be missed . . . most delightful!

A versatile and excellent male vocal is included in most of these wonderful  pieces . . . harmony and melody . . . overall a wonderful album . . . alternativefolk . . . hmmm . . . . yessss!

Review for : "Midnight Horizons" by JCRZ

JCRZ is always consistent in the quality of his music. His chill is always well chilled and perfect for any de-stressing necessities and relaxation times. He pulls together some very nice ambient sounds and keeps the music smooth flowing, with some gentle percussion and sparks of sound which keeps the shadows at bay.

 I could see this music used for any general purposes . . . from a sound track to background music. Its a good mood setter with a nicely positive beat . . .This album contains one long song and then the same song broken down into shorter sessions. I just played the album on a continuous loop to accompany my daily activities and enjoyed the feeling it gave me.

Review and Poem for: Poison Oil by KaOS
This is powerful, attention grabbing music . . . stunning drum; percussion . . . vocals . . . mesmerizing, spare dark poetry . . . in my mind a vision . . .

the dark moments in our world . . . our lives,
the things that stand out, like monuments destroyed,
evil that slips into our midst,
a dark wall of smoke,
a flow of black oil darkening clear waters . . .
killing . . . .death
how do we move through that darkness . . .
ever becoming more jaded,
apathetic to the warnings around us . . . are we listening . . .are we listening yet?
Do we see the darkness descending on our world . . . . yet?
the beast, the power of oil . . .
What will we do when we can no longer move through the smudge that we have made . . . of our world?
Where will we go . . . .?

No ambition here
within this music . .
just the gathering of delicate memories . ..
the emotions of the heart .  .
the musician feels the cold fire . ..
of flying through the cloud . ..
the mists occlude the vision
but piece by piece
we accept the living
that we have done . . .
we contemplate our existence
and wonder at our fate . . .

this music dips down into the sensitive
that flow over my experiences
and I know
that I am not alone . . .
I feel
I hear
that there are others in this land
of the blind . . ..
where I long to know you from
within your deepest caverns . . .
and what flows there . .

yes what flows there
is the music . . . like crystal springs
plumbing the depths . . .
before they reach the light
of the stars .  . .