Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Like Heartache

Cresting the tidal wave of sunlight
ending in points
of color                      
blue and yellow              
golden filters
         butterfly . .
a habit of watching
rewarded . . 

cresting happiness
which though
so ephemeral                                 
as effervescent             
as a bubble
a moment where wings                   
lift the spirit
which crumbles                     
so easily crushed        
against the harsh
embrace of                               
and universe
with all its glory                        
and beauty

red stones in the road                    
like drops of blood
burnished and turned
each left                              
like a sign                  
to the wanderer
the harvest is contentment  
fleshy fruits           
hang low
to entice
the hungry soul
like becoming         
like fish in trees              
like patterns against the blue
like many hued clouds
bursting with dew . ..                 

Like music                   
      in the wind . .
the birds                       
       on the wing
a sky so blue          
a sun so warm . . .
I dream of innocence
for in the end                          

when all the stars           
are gone:
the darkness 
remains . . .

  Krzysztof Malinowski, "Catharsis"

This was just what I wanted to hear . . . Uplifting music, with a clear sound; conducive to smiles and relaxation . . wings that lift me up as I listen . . . a breath of fresh air relieving pent-up pain . . . sorrow and grief flow away into an endless streaming breeze . . . Music has a way of touching the soul's deepest feelings . .. reflecting and inspiring the mind of the heart. This album is a tale . .. a tale of darkness and pain . . . a tale of escape and desire . . . . a tale of death and re-birth . . .


    Lines Build Walls by Ehren Starks

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The End of Summer Roses

Vampyres . . .

"Requiem" from Van Syla's album "Goodbye"
Original review by Orangeupurple for the album: 

As I walk along this lifeline
I see the shadowy beginnings
and I hear the tearful goodbyes . . .
The march of time
goes slowly by
rending what we hold most dear . . .
This temporal place
these bloody shreds
We cling to in despair . . .
Dance with me my beloved
for we soon must say
Hold my hand my love
and look into my eyes
I see myself inside of you . . .
and you within my heart
you are forever there
we must be apart …

"Beginning of a Journey" by Yumi Kurosawa on Magnatune
Original and creative . .  this work is exotic with unique placement of instruments and a creative expression of peace and sublimity . . 


    Beginning of a Journey by Yumi Kurosawa