Friday, May 25, 2012

In Memory of Mary . . .

The ephemeral flower,
that delicate rose,
a fragrant lovely bud,
must sometime fall;
each tender petal
a foundation,
laying a new pathway
velvet and sparkling,
through the thorns, 
with the dew of the new dawn
reflecting the glory
of the rising sun
and melting away,
leaving a lasting memory
a shining place
in the beating heart
which for just a moment
feels like a burning hole . . . . 


A simple poem in memory of Mary Boyce, young mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher . . . She passed away today . . . and will be sorely missed. 

Rest in Peace, Mary . . . your painful burden is lifted . . .  June 25, 1971 - May 25, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

Drop of Water

a tear falls
once to salt the cheeks
and shine, so as to send a message
to the angels
and then to drop, beneath the heart
where lying buried
waters the seed of growth
and comprehension . . .

"Drop Water" by Soriano
My review (9/24/2011):
This is beautiful . . . calming soothing . . . when you are exhausted at the end of the day . . . and you weep from the pain . . . and you must have a moment's respite . . . so you reach for. .. a drink of cool refreshing water . . . from the bottom of the well where you see the stars reflect back into your eyes. . . a ripple of light where the water moves slowly . . . as if alive . . . a deep soul, you feel that maybe the angels . . are offering you a quiet healing . . . a shelter from the burning rays . . of a violent stormy sun . . . and your first sip of that water . . . is felt in every molecule and every bone . . . and finally your heart can unclench from the stress of that terrible day . . . this music is like that . . .. that refreshing water . .. Beautiful pattering drums, piano . . like rain, falling, falling . . guitars, rippling bells, and flutes . .. so many artistic moments throughout this album I have listened for days . . but I finally put on the headphones . .. and I was stunned . . . at the delicate loveliness of this music . . . Thank you for the beautiful restful music . . .

Thursday, May 17, 2012

For You . . . A Love Song . . .

Dance with me my love,
for I have the wings to lift you to the heights,
where we will nestle in the fragrant branches of the tallest tree,
and gaze into the unknown . . .
to marvel at the spider's web
glistening across the sky . . . with the strength

to hold back the rush of stars;
for their adoration of you is merely 

the touch of an angel's feather . ..
whispered against
the staunch mountains . .
For you those temperamental beings
glow pink in the dawn and
blush scarlet
when the sun retreats . .
For you a thousand waters
kiss the naked outstretched arms
of golden sandy beaches . . .
For you the azure gaze of heaven's canopy
wraps a world securely beneath a tapestry of dreams . .
For you the daisy dances
and the winged things
sing . . .
For you the breath of sweet Spring breezes
kiss our cheeks and ruffle our hair
and for you, my love,
the rain must fall,
coating the tender rose
until her velvet petals must droop
and lay down at her slender feet . . .
which drink deeply of the elixir of life . . .
For you my love . . . all for you,
I give to you my wings

Come . .  let me give you my song . .
it is the sound of the ether
as it strokes the face
of the day-dreaming field mouse . .
it is the whisper of the dew sliding
down the stalk of purple grass . . .
It is the distant sound of laughter,
a sparkle captured in your eye . .
it is the passion of the rainbow;
a momentary figment of a vision,
a dream that stretches across the heart
of the storm . . .

and the sound of the beating drums
echoing from within your bones . ..
the rushing of your blood coursing
within your flesh .. .

the humming of your breath . . .
sings to me of the warmth and being
of you . . .

it is your gift to me . . .  

(perhaps not yet finished . ..  this song continues)

"Musica In Ospedale - Suite 5" by Musica in Ospedale

Review from 10/16/2011:

I wish I had the scientific terms or musical knowledge to describe this flute and the butterfly like energy that emanates from my earphones as I listen to the first two tracks . . ifs full of light and joy . . . a skipping dance with the piano sparkling and shining . . . or maybe I need mystical terms to be able to describe what this music does to my heart . .. how it lightens the burdens I feel . . . that choking stress I I live with . . . its gone as I listen to this beautiful music . .. The third track was a mellow tango . . . bird like with sweet flute voices . . . It was driven by the beat . . . and the backdrop was a starry night and a dance floor . . . beautiful . . . "Sandro Sacco Flute Night" made me think of an Asian Flamenco . .. a little exotic flute whispers and whistles . . . fluttering, enticing and exciting . . . dancing with the guitar . . . And "Sandro Sacco dalla Carmen Entr'acte" was simply so beautiful . . so gorgeous that it filled my heart with uplifting bubbles . . . as if I were in love with the flute and piano . . . playing that gorgeous music . . . I found so much pleasure in this album of flute, piano and guitar . . . that it will be listened to again, by me, and again I will adore this tender, emotional, beautiful music . . . music that gives me joy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Listening With One Ear . . . Part 1 . . ..

Columbia Gorge

Music Share:

I love this tender and quiet music . . . mostly piano . ..  which gives me peace as I work, . . .. this kind of music gives me room to think . . . and especially since I have become profoundly deaf in my left ear, and cannot hear stereo or other special musical nuances . . . I listen for melody and emotion. I must be able to capture the whole picture from within my handicap. . .  like a vista view . ..  and perhaps someday I will be able to understand the eclectic and experimental songs again . ..  but not just now . . .  

In the meantime, I am enjoying my piano playlists. Here is one:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Words

                                              I offered you my words
                              as a gift . . . .
                                        something that
              scratched up from inside my dark soul. . .
                                                   I offered you my gift
                                      yet binding you
                  in ways unseen
                                   and ways you
                                              will never know
for now as you
                read these words
                        your heart
                                     beats in me
                             and your blood is 
               through my veins. . .
                        though your song whispers
                                    away through trails of winds
                     and lightning
. . .. a brief flash
                filters through
                             your grief  . . what have you lost
. . . you have gained . . .
                      like a reprieve
                                  or a debt . . .
                           your flesh melts
                                         beneath the teeth
                                                               I call my words
                                  and though you run
               you fall . . .
                         the fear beneath
                                                 the streets
                                                             of your desire
                            tosses you aside
                                                 like a limp rag . . . yet
                                                           you have gained more
                    than all the treasures
ever . . .

This music has star shine . . . dreamily beautiful
and full of peaceful joy  . . .  
I am lifted up . . . with the wings of fulfillment
as all is complete in this cosmos . .
I loved the pulsing bells in "Pulsars" . .
unique and creative . ..  something that quivers
through you, as you listen, and you feel part of
the wholeness of eternal space . . . as if you
could open your heart and let it all in . .

I've been enjoying this musician and his
extraordinary music . .

Love Follows Me

My love is blue
                                        as the dawn's  early
                                              eggshell. . .
My love sings
like the butterfly,                                                 
in her silent heart . . .                         
My love tastes
                                       of the amber sunset,
                                                    a flash of drenching nectar . . .      
My love dreams
of scarlet blood,                                  
copper scented, life gifting . . .                                         
My love is
                                    the glow of the rose
                                                           in the day,
and the shine of the galaxies                                             
in midnight's slow hand . . .                    
My love drifts
                                      in the soft salty dew 
floating over                
an ocean's wide floor . . .                    
My love dances
                                on the cliff edge
                                                     of always,
                   lifted by the zephyr's 
cool fingers                         
and spread like the stars                                             
                                         the conundrum 
 of the night's long passage . . . .                          
 My love holds
                                           my trembling hand as
I open tomorrow's wide door . . .
   My love is blue
like the kiss of the sky                        
                                    on the passion of water . . .


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The shadow of your cape
would twirl 
past my window
as you crunch through the gravel,
hurrying to meet your lover . . . 
where we were
enfolded in the dirt of youth,
flower children watching for adventure,
full of expectations
and quickened desires

a ship has sailed
at the brink of dawn
and sundered in the dead of night
she disappears with out a whisper
a ghost, an after image
of a bright light that yet lingers

what is memory,
but that which 
we cannot let go,
like treasure stored up
in the dragon's lair,
a cave so dark,
yet for this faint shimmer
pressed against
the burning heart
of that great winged serpent

Why Do We Create?

Why do we create?

Why does the song writer make the music
which causes the birds to flush with envy .. .
or the artist to leave behind so many masterpieces,
while starving alone in the garret . .
and why would the sculptor break
his hands in his battles with rebellious stone
oh . . . why does the poet
tear out the heart of the lonely dreamer . . .
just to give it away . . .

Is there a longing for compliments?
the turning of a face .  .
or points on a chart?
Maybe gold will fill that empty spot . . .
or a star reserved in the cosmos?

Perhaps it is to help creation
build upward on the glory of love . .
a mountain that grows unto heaven
a fire in the belly . . . a storm up on the heights . .
Maybe it's just to add a narrow branch
on the pathway of life . .
that misty map of eternity . .

Do your tears water the foundation
of hope, faith and love?
Do they slide down like rain
to heal the scars that bloom
in sorrow and pain . . .
oh. . . do your wings describe an arc
that leaves a trail like a rainbow
against the silver stain of mists. . .
drifting ever drifting
causing blue skies to weep ? . . .

What does the creator want
of its creation . . .
A recognition . . .
a moment's pause . . .
a tear
love . . .
or grace?

I hope it's compassion . . .
forgiveness . . . a hand to hold . . .
in you, I see me . . .
my shadow on your face . .
we walk together in creation,
as creators . . . 
and fly away free, at last . .
when our work is done . .

"Anfechtung" from the Album "Let Me Be Silent in You - Part 1 by artist Matthesmusic

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Album Review Writing . . . back on Jamendo

One Year Ago

YAY . . . Album review writing is back on Jamendo . . . 

My First since the new platform came into being:
Dreamy and Beautiful . . . a moment of flight . . into the peace and fullness of . . . this shining light . . . for this brand new album:
Go look if you don't believe me . . .

Now I am listening to an ambientish drone . . .  "Visions from the Outside," by Thorwald Odin 

 . . . A new album, which is peaceful, like laying on a warm, sandy beach . .  watching the seagulls flying, and letting the sound of the ocean carry you deep into a peaceful rest . . :

I will write an album review a little later and put it on Jamendo . . .

Also . . . I am sorry for having made so many mistakes on this posting . . . . . . I'm being distracted by my job and I can understand why things aren't always perfect . . .

I'm certainly not!

Today I Listen . . .

One Year Ago

What we have to offer is so transient
in the space of our time .  .  .
Like a flower,
bloom and then droop . . .
and yet with all the glory and moments . . .
we can dream of something greater . ..
somewhere beyond this sun
some existence beyond this dimension . .
we gaze at our star shapes . .  dancing in the ebony sky
and reaching up, higher and higher to join them . .
we find ourselves flying . . .
with the angels . .

 I listen to the music . . . and it speaks to me through a language I understand . . . a language of the heart for I hear it beating there . . .

Today and again listening to Jamendo (which is improving before my eyes - sometimes creating minor and temporary glitches ):

"Time for a Change" by Jorisima:
with my old review:

Wow .. . . and WOW You had me poppin' all over the place . . . you know how to energize with sweet sounds . . that fly That take me up by the wings . . and let me soar . . higher and higher . . . and drive me with killer beats . . . "Entre Lobos y Ovejas" was so exciting . . my heart was pounding along with the beat . . . But I think that "OchenteandO" was my favorite because it made me so happy inside . . . one of those teary eyed happy feelings . . . . it was like angels singing in the background . . . and stars flinging about .. . . driving the mood of this lovely piece . . . What an opener . . .

Still feel that same magic . . .

Monday, May 7, 2012

Jazzy Jazz

Jamendo seems to be making some improvements on their site . . .  I've been watching them change their new platform and things are starting to come together . . .

Although a few musicians have decided to take their toys and go home . ..  I find so much good music on Jam that I wanted to give some encouragement to the musicians who stay. Although, some may decide to leave . .  I will not desert my friends there . . .

Today, I am doing Jazz shares . . . I feel it in my soul today . . the sun is shining and I feel bright and happy . . . so here is my first share . . .

Triplexity's "Between Light and Shadow"
Some of the most excellent jazz on Jamendo . . . simply put:

"Seasonal Affective Disorder" by Dazie Mae
Review by Orangeupurple:

Kind of a cabaret sound, and a bit of jazzy blues . .. and if you have the blues . . . you won't, after listening to this album . . I could almost hear the scratches on this record . . . and the smell of the ancient record player working overtime . . . Hey . . this reminds me of the stack of records my brother and I found in the basement in the drawer of that afore mentioned record player when we were very young . . . so I grew up on stuff like this . . . What a great sultry voice, Jeanne has; and all the rest on the piano, guitar and bass are superb . . . I would love to see this group because you can sense the fun and energy. Its the kind of album you sit back and listen to for entertainment and that sweet sound of Dazie Mae tickling your eardrums and giving you some great mental visions . . . Wonderful! Thanks Mitchka for the recommendation - M^^W -

"Inside" by Paolo Pavan
One of the all-time favorites . . .

My Review: This is ultra good jazz . . expressive and creative . . . all the instruments converse so well in these improvisations . . although I heard some familiar phrases in there . . . Jazz is like a colorful garden . . . with so many aspects that please independently, but move the soul deeply when the instrumental parts work cohesively . .. and uniquely . . like these instruments . .. piano, contrabass . .. drums . .. and the warm and delightful trumpet and sax . . These are excellent pieces, every one of them, and I cannot conceive of picking a favorite . . . but I adore the entire album . . . This is good jazz indeed!

And this review by Jon_Tickle: I liken Jamendo to browsing through a record shop; you can spend what seems like forever flicking through albums, getting really bored and wondering why you even came in in the first place when you suddenly find a gem of an LP, making the whole experience worth it. That is exactly how I felt when I came across this. This is probably the first really good jazz album, of any sub-genre, that I've found on Jamendo. And as a lover of contemporary jazz, it only makes the discovery better! The sound is very modern but with nods to the old-school (particularly Blue Night Dance which sounds very similar to the classic standard "Autumn Leaves"). The album is by no means overtly experimental, as I'm sure wasn't the intention, but is an exciting listen nonetheless. Mr Pavan clearly knows how to get to the heart and soul of jazz and, believe me, this album shows it. The musicianship is first-class. What I admire about the artist is that he is prepared to groove with the rest of the band, picking his moments to shine, but being sensitive to the music as each piece requires. The drummer is also top-notch, holding the band together but still picking his moments to branch out. If you like jazz, of any sort, you'll definately not be dissapointed with this excellent example of how good the genre can be. Fantastic stuff.

Maybe One More (possibly my favorite and the most professional sounding) :

"Dreaming" by Don Ward

Review by Wolfsong.thePoet: When I saw "jazz" and "saxophone" (on the review feeds) my eyes lit up (I know, because I saw the flash across the room) and I greedily raced to listen to this album . . . This is the style of music that moves me the most . . . jazz . .. and especially with a warm shiny sax . .. This funky jazz . . . this oh so goodly stuff . . . is just what I need to get my toes tapping and my nerve ends dancing . . . and my smile popping up . . . This is the kind of music that follows me . . yet it dances with me . . . leading . .. sometimes . .. it makes me smile and makes me cry . . . This album has some of the best jazz that I have heard on Jamendo . . . Very professional and very very well played . . . Listen . .. this funky jazz gave me chills and a deep joy . .. deep down in my chest . .. and I know that I smiled . . . (I know because I saw it reflected on the faces around me). . .


Enough for now . .. just listen and enjoy . . .

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rune and Evgeny

Wolfpack under the full moon (Music by Evgeny Emelyanov)
Video by xxxXxRUNExXxxx -

With lovely black and white pictures, evoking thoughts and emotions regarding wolves . . . Rune put together a gorgeous video showcase for Evgeny Emelyanov's composition,  "Father and Daughter (feat. Viktor Vorokhov)" . . . a dramatic piece, from the album reviewed below, it is studded with strings and a tender piano . . . Romantic and thoughtful, the entire ensemble is emotional and delightful . . .

"Impulse" by Evgeny Emelyanov
on Bandcamp and also on Jamendo . . .

"This is quite an eclectic little album . .. interesting music from beginning to end . . . Most are definitely suited to soundtrack requirements . . . music to set a mood or mental image . . . dramatic or refined . . . relaxing or enlightening . . . and all very good . . . as just a listen on a rainy afternoon . .. before the sun descends . . . yet the heart needs room to breath . . . and the music sets the stage . . . "
- My review from


In Black and White Whispers

Paris .. . Cemetery

So dreamy and ethereal . . . you can't help but fall in love with the wolves in this black and white video, featuring the music of Arduinna .  .

Taking us back through our haunted history
we look into the deep eyes of the wolf
and follow their journey across the frozen tundra . . .

The music is cool and mesmerizing
with a hidden passion yearning to break free . . .
the song of the wolf shimmers across the white wilderness
of our imagination . .
Follow in the vanishing footprints of the wolf
as he walks with his pack . ..  sifting through the mists
of time . . . and meaning .. .
preparing us to love . . .
compelling us to never forget
the wild
in our heart . . 

"When the Last Wolf Dies" by ArduinnaMusic:

"Catharsis" by Krzysztof Malinowski

This album is so listenable . . . that one could find themselves matching spirits to the music as one goes about their day . . . Electronic and vibrant . . . a gift to the soul . . . a sensitive mood, calming yet poetic . . 

A vision of the night . .. 
deep into the realms of shadow,
we pursue the light
yet hidden from the beast
we tremble in the cold . . .
from one end of our life
to the other . . . we
always searching for that other
which somehow meets us in the middle . . 
a faith a love a hope 
we rise to greet peace
on trembling legs . .  and silent voice . .
we heard a song 
that led us here . . .

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Life in Surround Sound Color

I have forgotten how much I loved this album . . . so fresh and clean . . 
with so many upbeat nuances . . . and driven emotions . . . beautiful to say the least . . 

I have borrowed my old review from Jamendo:

A life story paints a melody
the music
sings to us of our beginnings,
our living, our hopes,
and our end . .
Listen to this electronic music
from beginning to end
as if it were a poem . . .
a history of the sorrows, loves and joys of existence
and find yourself reflected
as if from a mirror
or listen to the beautiful music
and hear
the melody
of your soul
dancing in your heart. . . .

To Become the Sun

Here it is:

To become the sun,
                               first become the rain
and lay yourself in the                    
                                 puddles and the lakes . . .
become the sun
                               to dance and twinkle
on the layers of waters                 
till they,
                    meet the atmosphere
as the dew
                                         that disappears into the heat
and flies into the heart                   
of the cloud
                         converging on the edge
of the universe . ..
where suns . . .give birth . .                   
and somehow
though we are lost
                                     we find hope . . .
and a hundred thousand ways
                                                    that lead back home . . .

Creix . . . as always, one of my favorites, was one of my first friends on Jamendo . . . his music has a way of touching me . . . in ways that no other music can do . . .

He has a style uniquely his own, electronic, expressive, and quite creative.  I think he has a dream, and a heart that stretches to the stars and back . . . where he shares some of his fantastic soul, through his compositions . . .

Mila Dream "I Will Be Music"

Showcasing an upbeat, lovable voice, with just a wisp of a Russian accent, the music of Mila Dream carries the listener to the stars and beyond . . . She's a dreamer and carries her visions into the realm of human need and beauty . ..  where ever we may find it . .  where the butterfly catches the warm breezes of Summer's end and flies to the stars to find it's nectar . . . and where the spirit of the listener can be lifted by an invisible thread to these high places . . .

My favorite was a piano piece called, "Wind of Your Heart" which lifted my soul as her inner beauty touched an empty place withing my being and I flew in the light and grace of the music.

There is a lot of love and openness in this music and is the expression of a light and lovely personality . .

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dreaming Music

I love visiting Magnatunes because they always have quality music, and an abundance of genres I adore. There are several membership programs, and I chose the lifelong membership plan because I can download an album whenever I wish and I don't need to worry about whether I have paid or not.

I loved their honesty, also. There was a problem with my subscription and they fixed it for me without wasting time. I do not care for the appearance of their home page, but they are planning on re-designing that . . . at the present time the page is so small and difficult to maneuver through without some prior experience.

Rising and falling … 

the nature of water . . 

soothing and cool 
with the extra 
sparkle of sunlight . .
This album gives so much pleasure

like floating on a peaceful lake . .. 

Celtic strings, 
giant drums 
and delicate fantasy . .  .

taking us into a dreamlike past,

into the mists of distant time . . 

and here we wander with the visions

and dance a jig . . .

or cry with the ballad of lost love

and wide waters . . .  
a longing to fly . ..

a dream of desire . . .
 Mahler's Cat by Softspace

What do you hear, little kitty . .  
what do you see?
You have visions that I will never understand
or believe in a dream or a song ..  .
though we crawl through the dew
before the morning's light,
the song of the meadow
vibrates beneath our feet
through the mist a bird glides home
and our hearts follow
where echoes roost on mossy branches
sturdy with life . . .yet flitting away
before the ready grasp

Experimental soundscape in nature, this music has a tendency to capture the imagination in many guises; while giving thrills and chills and sufficient visions, and artificially stimulating the senses giving the impression of mysterious experiences . . these pieces were rich in varied texture and color while creating a perfect inner theater . . Fascinating!
and a little insane. . .

Definitely wear headphones with this album and be ready to be mesmerized!


After Jamendo

Lincoln City, Oregon

So many of us are distressed about the loss of the "old Jamendo" and its friendly playgrounds, viable community, and easy to follow layout.

For me, the biggest loss is the review feature. I made so many friends through the reviews and the dialogue in the forums and elsewhere. It's a huge loss but these issues will need to be covered elsewhere and in other ways . . .

So, I have decided to write my reviews here on my blog with a widget or link to the music in question . . .   

So here is a problem . . .  When musicians remove their music from a site, the widget becomes useless .. .. When I come upon these, here in my blog, I remove them and usually I remove the words, also .. . . (I just removed a widget and review)

Another site I've been enjoying exploring is :
which is a vast repository of web sites, books, texts, videos, audio . . . etc.
including all of Jamendo:

I found this little song by another Jamendo favorite of mine, posted here on her own little pages . . . Van Syla's "Rain Moon" . . . uniquely her, yet in a new style.

Beautiful and ethereal . .
graceful is this dream song . . .
the gauzy skirts of the clouds
drift over the shining face of the moon . . .
flirting and dancing
to the drumming rain . . .
a sentimental wistfulness . . .
and for a moment our vision expands
to witness a passion, between
a lonely rock and a serene blue planet . .
and then we follow the tracks
of the rain . . . upon the black pavement . .
our hearts . . . that much lighter . . .


So There you have it ... my latest recommendations and reviews . . . .. ...

Enjoy the music . . . where ever it may be, and however it finds you . . . it is there to fill you with emotion, joy, and passion . . . 
Enjoy it while you can . . . 


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Grieving over Jamendo
The loss of one half of my hearing . . .
 other minor things . . . 
like losing .25 of my job . . . 
what else . . .

Life Sucks . . .
but I suppose we go on
. ..  suck it up, so to speak,
and move on . . . 

and then we find new things . . .
brighter and shinier. . .
and what was
becomes a distant memory