Monday, May 7, 2012

Jazzy Jazz

Jamendo seems to be making some improvements on their site . . .  I've been watching them change their new platform and things are starting to come together . . .

Although a few musicians have decided to take their toys and go home . ..  I find so much good music on Jam that I wanted to give some encouragement to the musicians who stay. Although, some may decide to leave . .  I will not desert my friends there . . .

Today, I am doing Jazz shares . . . I feel it in my soul today . . the sun is shining and I feel bright and happy . . . so here is my first share . . .

Triplexity's "Between Light and Shadow"
Some of the most excellent jazz on Jamendo . . . simply put:

"Seasonal Affective Disorder" by Dazie Mae
Review by Orangeupurple:

Kind of a cabaret sound, and a bit of jazzy blues . .. and if you have the blues . . . you won't, after listening to this album . . I could almost hear the scratches on this record . . . and the smell of the ancient record player working overtime . . . Hey . . this reminds me of the stack of records my brother and I found in the basement in the drawer of that afore mentioned record player when we were very young . . . so I grew up on stuff like this . . . What a great sultry voice, Jeanne has; and all the rest on the piano, guitar and bass are superb . . . I would love to see this group because you can sense the fun and energy. Its the kind of album you sit back and listen to for entertainment and that sweet sound of Dazie Mae tickling your eardrums and giving you some great mental visions . . . Wonderful! Thanks Mitchka for the recommendation - M^^W -

"Inside" by Paolo Pavan
One of the all-time favorites . . .

My Review: This is ultra good jazz . . expressive and creative . . . all the instruments converse so well in these improvisations . . although I heard some familiar phrases in there . . . Jazz is like a colorful garden . . . with so many aspects that please independently, but move the soul deeply when the instrumental parts work cohesively . .. and uniquely . . like these instruments . .. piano, contrabass . .. drums . .. and the warm and delightful trumpet and sax . . These are excellent pieces, every one of them, and I cannot conceive of picking a favorite . . . but I adore the entire album . . . This is good jazz indeed!

And this review by Jon_Tickle: I liken Jamendo to browsing through a record shop; you can spend what seems like forever flicking through albums, getting really bored and wondering why you even came in in the first place when you suddenly find a gem of an LP, making the whole experience worth it. That is exactly how I felt when I came across this. This is probably the first really good jazz album, of any sub-genre, that I've found on Jamendo. And as a lover of contemporary jazz, it only makes the discovery better! The sound is very modern but with nods to the old-school (particularly Blue Night Dance which sounds very similar to the classic standard "Autumn Leaves"). The album is by no means overtly experimental, as I'm sure wasn't the intention, but is an exciting listen nonetheless. Mr Pavan clearly knows how to get to the heart and soul of jazz and, believe me, this album shows it. The musicianship is first-class. What I admire about the artist is that he is prepared to groove with the rest of the band, picking his moments to shine, but being sensitive to the music as each piece requires. The drummer is also top-notch, holding the band together but still picking his moments to branch out. If you like jazz, of any sort, you'll definately not be dissapointed with this excellent example of how good the genre can be. Fantastic stuff.

Maybe One More (possibly my favorite and the most professional sounding) :

"Dreaming" by Don Ward

Review by Wolfsong.thePoet: When I saw "jazz" and "saxophone" (on the review feeds) my eyes lit up (I know, because I saw the flash across the room) and I greedily raced to listen to this album . . . This is the style of music that moves me the most . . . jazz . .. and especially with a warm shiny sax . .. This funky jazz . . . this oh so goodly stuff . . . is just what I need to get my toes tapping and my nerve ends dancing . . . and my smile popping up . . . This is the kind of music that follows me . . yet it dances with me . . . leading . .. sometimes . .. it makes me smile and makes me cry . . . This album has some of the best jazz that I have heard on Jamendo . . . Very professional and very very well played . . . Listen . .. this funky jazz gave me chills and a deep joy . .. deep down in my chest . .. and I know that I smiled . . . (I know because I saw it reflected on the faces around me). . .


Enough for now . .. just listen and enjoy . . .

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