Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mila Dream "I Will Be Music"

Showcasing an upbeat, lovable voice, with just a wisp of a Russian accent, the music of Mila Dream carries the listener to the stars and beyond . . . She's a dreamer and carries her visions into the realm of human need and beauty . ..  where ever we may find it . .  where the butterfly catches the warm breezes of Summer's end and flies to the stars to find it's nectar . . . and where the spirit of the listener can be lifted by an invisible thread to these high places . . .

My favorite was a piano piece called, "Wind of Your Heart" which lifted my soul as her inner beauty touched an empty place withing my being and I flew in the light and grace of the music.

There is a lot of love and openness in this music and is the expression of a light and lovely personality . .

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