Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Love Follows Me

My love is blue
                                        as the dawn's  early
                                              eggshell. . .
My love sings
like the butterfly,                                                 
in her silent heart . . .                         
My love tastes
                                       of the amber sunset,
                                                    a flash of drenching nectar . . .      
My love dreams
of scarlet blood,                                  
copper scented, life gifting . . .                                         
My love is
                                    the glow of the rose
                                                           in the day,
and the shine of the galaxies                                             
in midnight's slow hand . . .                    
My love drifts
                                      in the soft salty dew 
floating over                
an ocean's wide floor . . .                    
My love dances
                                on the cliff edge
                                                     of always,
                   lifted by the zephyr's 
cool fingers                         
and spread like the stars                                             
                                         the conundrum 
 of the night's long passage . . . .                          
 My love holds
                                           my trembling hand as
I open tomorrow's wide door . . .
   My love is blue
like the kiss of the sky                        
                                    on the passion of water . . .


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