Sunday, May 6, 2012

In Black and White Whispers

Paris .. . Cemetery

So dreamy and ethereal . . . you can't help but fall in love with the wolves in this black and white video, featuring the music of Arduinna .  .

Taking us back through our haunted history
we look into the deep eyes of the wolf
and follow their journey across the frozen tundra . . .

The music is cool and mesmerizing
with a hidden passion yearning to break free . . .
the song of the wolf shimmers across the white wilderness
of our imagination . .
Follow in the vanishing footprints of the wolf
as he walks with his pack . ..  sifting through the mists
of time . . . and meaning .. .
preparing us to love . . .
compelling us to never forget
the wild
in our heart . . 

"When the Last Wolf Dies" by ArduinnaMusic:

"Catharsis" by Krzysztof Malinowski

This album is so listenable . . . that one could find themselves matching spirits to the music as one goes about their day . . . Electronic and vibrant . . . a gift to the soul . . . a sensitive mood, calming yet poetic . . 

A vision of the night . .. 
deep into the realms of shadow,
we pursue the light
yet hidden from the beast
we tremble in the cold . . .
from one end of our life
to the other . . . we
always searching for that other
which somehow meets us in the middle . . 
a faith a love a hope 
we rise to greet peace
on trembling legs . .  and silent voice . .
we heard a song 
that led us here . . .


syl said...

Thank you for finding these beautiful art works and enrich them with your poetry and thoughts.
I hope to see more soon :)

Wolfsong said...

You are so welcome, Syl, and thank you for your comment . . .