Friday, May 25, 2012

In Memory of Mary . . .

The ephemeral flower,
that delicate rose,
a fragrant lovely bud,
must sometime fall;
each tender petal
a foundation,
laying a new pathway
velvet and sparkling,
through the thorns, 
with the dew of the new dawn
reflecting the glory
of the rising sun
and melting away,
leaving a lasting memory
a shining place
in the beating heart
which for just a moment
feels like a burning hole . . . . 


A simple poem in memory of Mary Boyce, young mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher . . . She passed away today . . . and will be sorely missed. 

Rest in Peace, Mary . . . your painful burden is lifted . . .  June 25, 1971 - May 25, 2012


Jessica said...

Such a loss, Miss Mary will be greatly missed....

Wolfsong said...

Yes Jessica, . . . and she will always live in our hearts, which she herself will mend.