Friday, May 4, 2012

Dreaming Music

I love visiting Magnatunes because they always have quality music, and an abundance of genres I adore. There are several membership programs, and I chose the lifelong membership plan because I can download an album whenever I wish and I don't need to worry about whether I have paid or not.

I loved their honesty, also. There was a problem with my subscription and they fixed it for me without wasting time. I do not care for the appearance of their home page, but they are planning on re-designing that . . . at the present time the page is so small and difficult to maneuver through without some prior experience.

Rising and falling … 

the nature of water . . 

soothing and cool 
with the extra 
sparkle of sunlight . .
This album gives so much pleasure

like floating on a peaceful lake . .. 

Celtic strings, 
giant drums 
and delicate fantasy . .  .

taking us into a dreamlike past,

into the mists of distant time . . 

and here we wander with the visions

and dance a jig . . .

or cry with the ballad of lost love

and wide waters . . .  
a longing to fly . ..

a dream of desire . . .
 Mahler's Cat by Softspace

What do you hear, little kitty . .  
what do you see?
You have visions that I will never understand
or believe in a dream or a song ..  .
though we crawl through the dew
before the morning's light,
the song of the meadow
vibrates beneath our feet
through the mist a bird glides home
and our hearts follow
where echoes roost on mossy branches
sturdy with life . . .yet flitting away
before the ready grasp

Experimental soundscape in nature, this music has a tendency to capture the imagination in many guises; while giving thrills and chills and sufficient visions, and artificially stimulating the senses giving the impression of mysterious experiences . . these pieces were rich in varied texture and color while creating a perfect inner theater . . Fascinating!
and a little insane. . .

Definitely wear headphones with this album and be ready to be mesmerized!


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