Friday, December 31, 2010

"My Wonderful Life" and "A Trip to the Oregon Coast"

I have always believed in someday,
something to look forward to,
a dream, yet to come true. . .

 someday I will be younger,
prettier, healthier, wealthier . . .
someday I will find my great love . . .
be smarter,
and wiser. . . 

I will write the 
"Great American Novel,"
I will win the lottery,
I will save millions 
from some unknown danger,
I will be a hero,
someday . . .


maybe this year . . .

All those dreams 
that float along after me,
like helium filled balloons, 
rainbow hued and
carnival bright. . . 
reflecting the shine of my eyes . . .


 they are my untold tales . . .
the alternate universe's
vision of me . . .
the shadow that walks 
and talks 
and breaths
somewhere else

step through the mirror
and you will see her
living the life
I did not lead . . .


  and she is dreaming a dream
of being me,
walking in me,
living as me,
my unfinished tale,
my wonderful  life  . . .


Oregon Coast, Lincoln City


All pictures are taken on the Oregon Coast by me . . . late December 2010 - 

and the credit for the beauty of these pictures goes to Mother Nature . . . not me . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Happy New Year - 2011

Sunday, December 26, 2010

old things

My life is built of this and that . . .
desperate pleasures. . .
old sorrows
a glance at a dream
flashing by . .
the dawn and the dusk
revolving like a wheel
of light . . . crushing me
beneath the weight of time . . .

I  built my house,
piece by piece,
each molecule
of dust connecting
with its kind. . .
expression and form. . .
a creature gray and low,
along with the drafts,
finding a nest
in the darkness

bits and pieces, old notes and letters
left unread,
cracked and yellowed books . . .
faded pictures, and receipts of long
forgotten pleasures . . .
boxes of beads,
buttons, and knotted threads,
a moldy ribbon wraps around the lot . .

age old things
once desired and pursued
owned and then forsaken,
obliterated by inconstant
determination. . .

softly my house
scatters itself around me
adding to the detritus of my life. . .

devolving out of my beating heart a
blood so dark it flows unnoticed through the night,
the house becoming my flesh,
creaking and moaning. . .
flesh adhering to slumping walls. . .

the things that were owned
now own the thing
that once owned. . .


Cimetiere DuPere Lachaise

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Peace, Love and Goodwill to ALL My Friends!

Christmas in a ShoeBox .. ..

As I pulled out my "Christmas in a Shoebox" and set it up . ..  (Whew . . . I wipe the sweat from my brow :-D)  . . . I realized that I wanted to share it with my friends . . . before I pack it all away again in that little box . . .

I also wanted to share a short message of love with you all . . . Because in just a little over a year, I have acquired so many new friends over this electronic medium, the Internet. . . which includes this blog, FaceBook and Jamendo . . .

When I started on Jamendo, I was captivated and there I learned to listen . . . and began to share my words to encourage the musicians . . .and they encouraged me, in my writing and my blog.

I discovered, in January 2010, that this community, called Jamendo, had the courage to draw close together and help out as they did in the "Save Jamendo" campaign days . . . What a shining light Jamendo was in those days . .. and still is . . . with all its flaws . . . it still is a warm and united community.

Some of the musicians surprised me, in July, when I went to Paris to visit and meet some of them. In that beautiful city . . . I met them face to face and received the surprise of my life . . . Wolfsong's :  (also displayed on the side bar on this blog). Thank you . . . so much.

Merry Christmas . . . to all my friends, old and new, on Jamendo . . . I love you all! Here is my Christmas playlist: 

And then I MUST mention my new friends on FaceBook . . . because I have met new people from all over the world . . . made new friends and also I am able to keep up with old friends from my face to face world . . . 

Its wonderful fun to share art and games, music and ideas and thoughts . . . I love you all too . . . thank you for being my friends . . . you give me great pleasure . . . 

And then . . . I also want to thank my blog readers . . . you have been a huge encouragement to me and have given me the opportunity to express myself through my poetry and stories and pictures . . . My blog is my joy and is my Internet home . . . a place for me to be me.

Love to all of you, my friends . . . and I wish you a moment of peace . ..  some warmth in your heart to enjoy . . . and a fresh happy outlook on your lives . . .

Peace!Dove and happiness
Christmas Lights

- Barbara Wolfsong

Peace, Love and Goodwill!

Friday, December 17, 2010

One Winter's Night

December 17, 2010

I was riding the bus this morning. . .
and it was very peaceful and quiet
except for one woman who was talking
to someone about a feast
that she had prepared
for the people at her job.
She was describing in detail,
all the vegetarian dishes,
she had made
and other delicious things. . .
and a word kept cropping up
in her conversation
- "ENJOY."
As in:
"I really enjoyed creating the menu.
And I enjoy that kind of food. . .
and cooking is something I enjoy."
Each time she said that word,
her voice got just a tiny bit louder . . .
warm and mellow .  .   .
but gave that extra inflection to the word.

And that word became highlighted
in brilliant neon in my heart . . .
and bounced around in my ears
and made me pay attention . . .
What is it about that word
that is so pleasurable to me? 

A word that evokes simple pleasures -
sensing the good things in life . . .
the simpler the better . . .
The Dictionary's explanation . . .
1). To receive pleasure or satisfaction from.
2). To have the use or benefit of.
To have a pleasurable or satisfactory time.

Enjoyment can occur any time. . .
any place and
under any circumstances . . .
even the most dire . . . in life . . .
through every breath
we ever take . . .

Some Winter Joys:    The cold crispness of the air in my nostrils . . .  and the warmth and flavors of houses as I walk by.   The colorful lights decorating the homes of generous souls . . . to brighten my dark, long winter's nights.  An evening's walk in the twilight . . . observing the ambient lights from windows where I can see a close family eating dinner, conversing, smiling. . . and I get the feeling that I could walk up on that porch and open the front door to warm greetings and acceptance as a family member . . . just for that split second . . . then I look away so as not to be a voyeur . . .or intrusive. .  .

That moment . . . that precious dream . . . of . . .  family . . .

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fulltime future by CREIX

This is another striking presentation of CREIX's wonderful creations . . . His stuff always stuns me with its unique values, tones and moods . . . It has always been like poetry to my heart and it is really exciting to see another compilation of his pieces. The music is edgy, experimental and dark . . . but not depressive . . .
and with a particular strategic aptitude to create so many emotions in the listener.

I can't really pick a favorite because they are like individuals with their special abilities to evoke feelings, memories and thoughts . . . each tune is an original creation giving the impression that it was drawn from the depths of a deep soul. This musician is a skillful artist and his music is always appreciated by so many listeners.

It think that the album cover is both tasteful and enigmatic . . . and very eye catching.

Excellence again!

Monday, December 13, 2010

I Don't Know How to Say Goodbye!

Fungi and scattered leaves

Trees scraping the sky near Johnson Creek

 Dedicated to Mary

- The Hole in My Heart -

- The Hole in My Heart -

I am always looking for the plug
      that will stop the leaking . . .


How can I forgive you
            when you have
                       hurt me so badly

How can you forgive me . . . 


in the darkness the single candle
draws me . . .
I see warmth . . .
the brave flame pushes
against the darkness
and the cold . . .

your indifference to my plight

I once saw your little face
light up with awe as
you watched the geese
fly, honking. . . and somehow
connected. . .

Hundreds across the cool blue sky
headed towards
the mysterious regions
of dragons and dreams

you indifference is no more
powerful than mine

and I am alone . . .

my grief 
will not suffice
at the end of the day

there are no excuses
I must find a way
to forgive you . . .

who am I to fly 
alone .. ..
in the darkness . . .


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Becoming One

Interacting Galaxies:
I dreamed of you touching me
slowly . . . over the aeons . . .
you covered my naked body with yours
vulnerable and open. . . 
you held me tight
as you kissed me deeply. . .
we held each other so closely
we became one,
like the twin stars in the universe
swallowing each other
to become fat and shiny
with one another . . . 
you touched me deeply,
my heart first. . .
my heart melts on you,
my heart belongs to you,
my heart races ahead of me
to find you in your hidden caverns,
deep and dark and full of the mystery of
time long forgotten
throbbing and bubbling up from your deepest cores.. .
craving and lusting for passion
and a fulfilling of a destiny. . . 
a oneness and a wholeness.

I taste your cries as you dissolve
for me . . .
melting like lava
as it erupts
under pressure from within,
spilling over into
the tender lips of your
unrelenting lover,
your lava, hot and glowing, 
and slowly
filling the valleys and caves
of my willingness to arouse you,
and bring you
to the highest peaks
of ecstasy . . . and pleasure . . . 
and as your canyons
and mountains quake
under the rupture of tension and
the exhalation of euphoria. . .
my heart races,
my heart melts,
and the caverns of my being quiver with empathy
and knowing of the depths of you .. .
as we become one . . .


Hubble: Interacting Galaxies:

Wolf on Ice

Written, long ago, in a creative writing class with a group of young authors . . . when I taught writing . . . It was simple . ..  I wrote the bones and they filled in with the adjectives.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Rose Garden

Life is but
a rose
a blighted bush
             an aphid
             a bee
A bud pushes forth
       against these
and blooming in the
of the sun
          and the rain
      and the moon at night
and in full bloom
     brings out a passion
of love
         and life
then withers and droops
         and passes away



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Some Tunes from Jamendo:

Youkali & Harper - Excerpts from the Premiere Concert:

Sambodhi Prem - Seven Waves of Knowing:

Avaendil -Meditations:

Artist of the day:
 I am absolutely addicted to this album "Arunam: 
 Or this artist who is so romantic:
In particular this album:

Classic and Meditative . . . all music for a stress-free listening pleasure . . . enjoy free music and free downloads .  .