Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Peace, Love and Goodwill to ALL My Friends!

Christmas in a ShoeBox .. ..

As I pulled out my "Christmas in a Shoebox" and set it up . ..  (Whew . . . I wipe the sweat from my brow :-D)  . . . I realized that I wanted to share it with my friends . . . before I pack it all away again in that little box . . .

I also wanted to share a short message of love with you all . . . Because in just a little over a year, I have acquired so many new friends over this electronic medium, the Internet. . . which includes this blog, FaceBook and Jamendo . . .

When I started on Jamendo, I was captivated and there I learned to listen . . . and began to share my words to encourage the musicians . . .and they encouraged me, in my writing and my blog.

I discovered, in January 2010, that this community, called Jamendo, had the courage to draw close together and help out as they did in the "Save Jamendo" campaign days . . . What a shining light Jamendo was in those days . .. and still is . . . with all its flaws . . . it still is a warm and united community.

Some of the musicians surprised me, in July, when I went to Paris to visit and meet some of them. In that beautiful city . . . I met them face to face and received the surprise of my life . . . Wolfsong's : http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/70915  (also displayed on the side bar on this blog). Thank you . . . so much.

Merry Christmas . . . to all my friends, old and new, on Jamendo . . . I love you all! Here is my Christmas playlist: 

And then I MUST mention my new friends on FaceBook . . . because I have met new people from all over the world . . . made new friends and also I am able to keep up with old friends from my face to face world . . . 

Its wonderful fun to share art and games, music and ideas and thoughts . . . I love you all too . . . thank you for being my friends . . . you give me great pleasure . . . 

And then . . . I also want to thank my blog readers . . . you have been a huge encouragement to me and have given me the opportunity to express myself through my poetry and stories and pictures . . . My blog is my joy and is my Internet home . . . a place for me to be me.

Love to all of you, my friends . . . and I wish you a moment of peace . ..  some warmth in your heart to enjoy . . . and a fresh happy outlook on your lives . . .

Peace!Dove and happiness
Christmas Lights

- Barbara Wolfsong

Peace, Love and Goodwill!


CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

Peace and Love and Goodwill to you Barbara.

Yes, 2010 has been a grand year for many of us and I ENJOYED every bit of it.

Let us go on with faith in our heart and peace in our mind. Whatever happens in this disorganized world, let us remain these tiny lights shining among dark clouds and join our love vibrations to make good things happen again. And who knows, meet again, wherever and whenever it may be.


Wolfsong said...

Yes! WE WILL meet again . . . and it has been a wonderful year, partly because of you . . . so thank you PM for your friendship and caring ways.