Friday, December 17, 2010

One Winter's Night

December 17, 2010

I was riding the bus this morning. . .
and it was very peaceful and quiet
except for one woman who was talking
to someone about a feast
that she had prepared
for the people at her job.
She was describing in detail,
all the vegetarian dishes,
she had made
and other delicious things. . .
and a word kept cropping up
in her conversation
- "ENJOY."
As in:
"I really enjoyed creating the menu.
And I enjoy that kind of food. . .
and cooking is something I enjoy."
Each time she said that word,
her voice got just a tiny bit louder . . .
warm and mellow .  .   .
but gave that extra inflection to the word.

And that word became highlighted
in brilliant neon in my heart . . .
and bounced around in my ears
and made me pay attention . . .
What is it about that word
that is so pleasurable to me? 

A word that evokes simple pleasures -
sensing the good things in life . . .
the simpler the better . . .
The Dictionary's explanation . . .
1). To receive pleasure or satisfaction from.
2). To have the use or benefit of.
To have a pleasurable or satisfactory time.

Enjoyment can occur any time. . .
any place and
under any circumstances . . .
even the most dire . . . in life . . .
through every breath
we ever take . . .

Some Winter Joys:    The cold crispness of the air in my nostrils . . .  and the warmth and flavors of houses as I walk by.   The colorful lights decorating the homes of generous souls . . . to brighten my dark, long winter's nights.  An evening's walk in the twilight . . . observing the ambient lights from windows where I can see a close family eating dinner, conversing, smiling. . . and I get the feeling that I could walk up on that porch and open the front door to warm greetings and acceptance as a family member . . . just for that split second . . . then I look away so as not to be a voyeur . . .or intrusive. .  .

That moment . . . that precious dream . . . of . . .  family . . .


SelkieSong said...

I have enjoyed reading this very much.

And if it were my house you were passing by, you could walk up on the porch and open the door and be welcomed to our family.

I wish we could enjoy such a moment together ♥

CŒDES Pierre-Marie said...

You are welcomed in my heart anytime... but, what a fool ! You already are in my heart.

Love and merry Christmas my Friend.
A big warm hug.

Wolfsong said...

I love you guys . . . thank you for your invitations and welcoming ways. Love and Merry Christmas to all . . . and enjoy everything!