Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Becoming One

Interacting Galaxies: http://hubblesite.org/gallery/album/pr2007036a/
I dreamed of you touching me
slowly . . . over the aeons . . .
you covered my naked body with yours
vulnerable and open. . . 
you held me tight
as you kissed me deeply. . .
we held each other so closely
we became one,
like the twin stars in the universe
swallowing each other
to become fat and shiny
with one another . . . 
you touched me deeply,
my heart first. . .
my heart melts on you,
my heart belongs to you,
my heart races ahead of me
to find you in your hidden caverns,
deep and dark and full of the mystery of
time long forgotten
throbbing and bubbling up from your deepest cores.. .
craving and lusting for passion
and a fulfilling of a destiny. . . 
a oneness and a wholeness.

I taste your cries as you dissolve
for me . . .
melting like lava
as it erupts
under pressure from within,
spilling over into
the tender lips of your
unrelenting lover,
your lava, hot and glowing, 
and slowly
filling the valleys and caves
of my willingness to arouse you,
and bring you
to the highest peaks
of ecstasy . . . and pleasure . . . 
and as your canyons
and mountains quake
under the rupture of tension and
the exhalation of euphoria. . .
my heart races,
my heart melts,
and the caverns of my being quiver with empathy
and knowing of the depths of you .. .
as we become one . . .


Hubble: Interacting Galaxies: http://hubblesite.org/gallery/album/pr2006046a/

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