Thursday, May 17, 2012

For You . . . A Love Song . . .

Dance with me my love,
for I have the wings to lift you to the heights,
where we will nestle in the fragrant branches of the tallest tree,
and gaze into the unknown . . .
to marvel at the spider's web
glistening across the sky . . . with the strength

to hold back the rush of stars;
for their adoration of you is merely 

the touch of an angel's feather . ..
whispered against
the staunch mountains . .
For you those temperamental beings
glow pink in the dawn and
blush scarlet
when the sun retreats . .
For you a thousand waters
kiss the naked outstretched arms
of golden sandy beaches . . .
For you the azure gaze of heaven's canopy
wraps a world securely beneath a tapestry of dreams . .
For you the daisy dances
and the winged things
sing . . .
For you the breath of sweet Spring breezes
kiss our cheeks and ruffle our hair
and for you, my love,
the rain must fall,
coating the tender rose
until her velvet petals must droop
and lay down at her slender feet . . .
which drink deeply of the elixir of life . . .
For you my love . . . all for you,
I give to you my wings

Come . .  let me give you my song . .
it is the sound of the ether
as it strokes the face
of the day-dreaming field mouse . .
it is the whisper of the dew sliding
down the stalk of purple grass . . .
It is the distant sound of laughter,
a sparkle captured in your eye . .
it is the passion of the rainbow;
a momentary figment of a vision,
a dream that stretches across the heart
of the storm . . .

and the sound of the beating drums
echoing from within your bones . ..
the rushing of your blood coursing
within your flesh .. .

the humming of your breath . . .
sings to me of the warmth and being
of you . . .

it is your gift to me . . .  

(perhaps not yet finished . ..  this song continues)

"Musica In Ospedale - Suite 5" by Musica in Ospedale

Review from 10/16/2011:

I wish I had the scientific terms or musical knowledge to describe this flute and the butterfly like energy that emanates from my earphones as I listen to the first two tracks . . ifs full of light and joy . . . a skipping dance with the piano sparkling and shining . . . or maybe I need mystical terms to be able to describe what this music does to my heart . .. how it lightens the burdens I feel . . . that choking stress I I live with . . . its gone as I listen to this beautiful music . .. The third track was a mellow tango . . . bird like with sweet flute voices . . . It was driven by the beat . . . and the backdrop was a starry night and a dance floor . . . beautiful . . . "Sandro Sacco Flute Night" made me think of an Asian Flamenco . .. a little exotic flute whispers and whistles . . . fluttering, enticing and exciting . . . dancing with the guitar . . . And "Sandro Sacco dalla Carmen Entr'acte" was simply so beautiful . . so gorgeous that it filled my heart with uplifting bubbles . . . as if I were in love with the flute and piano . . . playing that gorgeous music . . . I found so much pleasure in this album of flute, piano and guitar . . . that it will be listened to again, by me, and again I will adore this tender, emotional, beautiful music . . . music that gives me joy.

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