Saturday, May 5, 2012

To Become the Sun

Here it is:

To become the sun,
                               first become the rain
and lay yourself in the                    
                                 puddles and the lakes . . .
become the sun
                               to dance and twinkle
on the layers of waters                 
till they,
                    meet the atmosphere
as the dew
                                         that disappears into the heat
and flies into the heart                   
of the cloud
                         converging on the edge
of the universe . ..
where suns . . .give birth . .                   
and somehow
though we are lost
                                     we find hope . . .
and a hundred thousand ways
                                                    that lead back home . . .

Creix . . . as always, one of my favorites, was one of my first friends on Jamendo . . . his music has a way of touching me . . . in ways that no other music can do . . .

He has a style uniquely his own, electronic, expressive, and quite creative.  I think he has a dream, and a heart that stretches to the stars and back . . . where he shares some of his fantastic soul, through his compositions . . .

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