Sunday, October 28, 2012

The End of Summer Roses

Vampyres . . .

"Requiem" from Van Syla's album "Goodbye"
Original review by Orangeupurple for the album: 

As I walk along this lifeline
I see the shadowy beginnings
and I hear the tearful goodbyes . . .
The march of time
goes slowly by
rending what we hold most dear . . .
This temporal place
these bloody shreds
We cling to in despair . . .
Dance with me my beloved
for we soon must say
Hold my hand my love
and look into my eyes
I see myself inside of you . . .
and you within my heart
you are forever there
we must be apart …

"Beginning of a Journey" by Yumi Kurosawa on Magnatune
Original and creative . .  this work is exotic with unique placement of instruments and a creative expression of peace and sublimity . . 


    Beginning of a Journey by Yumi Kurosawa

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