Saturday, June 2, 2007

Things That Make Me Happy

August 12, 2003
Jazz & blues
The smell of scotch tape
Someone admiring my flowers
A blank journal
A new book
Purple & Orange
A cool summer evening
Shiny things
A freshly painted room
The breeze
Doing something new/different
Ocean breezes
A new sponge
macaroni and cheese
Deciding how to form a letter "a"
A flock of crows against the blue sky
A robin's song
Friends calling to chat
August 13, 2003
A task well done
A new carpet
Friends who care
A well stocked cupboard
Burning incense
A clean comforter
The cool blast of a fan after hot sweaty work
My daily soap opera
A good cry
Friendly help in a carpet store
Delivery the same day
Cold, icy water
Clean clothes
Bare feet
The phone rings - anticipation
Learning something new
Funny commercials
Learning a new language
A long skirt swirling about your feet
August 17, 2003
Garage sales
Corn on the cob
Bush tits & chickadees
Cats walking on the back yard fence at night and the neighbor's dog barking
A short trip with a friend
Eating out
A freshly sharpened pencil
Putting my feet up
The movie "The Night of the Living Dead"
Happy people
A new magazine
Things that work
A job
A good boss
Talking to friendly strangers
August 21, 2003
A job
My brother's birthday
My step-mother's laughter
Helping others solve techno problems
Being needed
Understanding something about God
How stunning things are if we really think about them
Watching evening come
Watching the sky
Pink clouds that look like giant tarantulas
A low flying jet with lots of lights
Chatting with people at work
A personal fan in a very hot room
My own door key
Catching a bus right away
Purple ink
Coming home after a hot day at work
August 30, 2003
Being appreciated
New things
Spending money
Talking to new people
Solving a difficult technology problem
Making people smile
Clean laundry
The way people pronounce different words

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