Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ten Grains of Rice .. . .

Somewhere in France

Let no king reign
without first walking as
a child of the world
un-bandaged in the grimy streets,
wounded and raw
beneath an acid rain . . .
a new born child . .
first guilty of existence, and
unwashed under the flow
of bloodied armies
marching too and fro . . 
a tiny beating heart 
a speck of tender flesh,
clinging to maternal bosoms 
dreaming of rivers of nectar . . .
lest a king's dream
be that of the dragon . . .
an armored tail
gripping the ransom
of babies . . .
and a cage wraps around
a hollow tomb
where once
there was a beating heart . . .

These are the things you can learn while you are donating 10 grains of rice per correct answer . . it is free to you to play and learn . .  and you are feeding the hungry while you play . . . my students love playing these games and especially bragging about the amount of rice they have donated. 

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