Friday, January 27, 2012

My Heart . . .

my heart was built in a wicker basket,
my nerve ends are colored green. . .
the simple song of my bottomless soul
is gray with the distance of time,
yet I find the colors of heaven
condensed in my memory's moments .  .  .
a rainbow of thought, where love
is a dream of peace . . .
after a summer rain shower . ..
I watch for the puddle which gathers a song,
and see the sun dancing on the cool water ripples,
pure and hot and gold, warm with the abundance
of life . .  and
the reflection of the universe
which fills the center of my soul
with an energy, from a distant star,
or the presence of creation, and there
I sense a prayer on an angel's wing,
and the incense of life
makes me pause and remark
on the miracle of existence,
the beauty of
what is . . ..


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