Friday, May 9, 2014


Be not afraid to fight
that old demon Woe
for though he chases
the birds on wing
he can easily be laid low . . 
           his wounds are deep,
reflecting faintly
of lost stars, 
                    and languid in
muddy waters . . 
               where dreams expire
as drowning swimmers' 
leaden arms refuse
               to fly . . 
yet longing to follow the butterflies of Summer,
watching eyes stung by their
             brilliant dress
       by Autumn storms
thin wings
                  fluttering wearily
though bright colors 
                displaced by the harsh drops 
     of rain
          or tears,
as battle scars. . . .
                                . . ..  your rainbow is too exhausted
                             to climb those busy roads
so you live in the grey,
             . . . dusky world where
                                    your long dark shadows
                      embrace you
and ancient dusty spider webs
                entrap you, wrap you greedily . . 
your beloved
grief rebukes 
                 and paralyses your heart . . .
yet the gate closed to
             your reprieve
                          remains unlocked
and on the side where shadows seem to grow
                          the sun rejoices
                                         waiting for you . . 
turn around .  . 
          and open your eyes . ..  let your heart inhale
step forward and touch the frame of strength . . .

the stolen breezes
kiss my face
with the scent
of new baked bread . . . 
and the small bright flowers
cuddled in the glowing green grass
kiss my toes
with honeyed dew . . .

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