Friday, April 20, 2012

One Morning Moment

The frost has only moments to live . . 
The sun has long arms and reaches down to pluck
the cold blooms to disperse
them into the quietude of the still atmosphere
The birds are singing
familiar refrains, meant to sooth
your rumpled and bewildered soul
The golden flowers quietly open a multitude
of petals and nod in the gentle breeze
as crowns of down fluff
up into a waiting sky
A story reveals itself as another day
ephemeral and transient 
as a glistening bubble
drifts through on the wings of angels
The robin chirps
and the clouds glow
a certain soft amber
shaded by deep purple
              companions.. .
The early morning storm has just passed,
leaving rivulets
to reflect a beckoning blue sky
And I reflect on
as a solitary bird
ascends towards
the drifting clouds
and disappears into the silhouettes 
of trees standing  
as if giving strength . .  one to one . ..


This page is dedicated to a friend on FaceBook . . . 
who lives across the Columbia from me . .. 
He reminds me that we are all lost and lonely 
and trying to seek the answer 
to a question we have long ago forgotten . . .  
"Why . . . " 
We are all searching, 
in our own way - 
not because we want to be loved . .  
but because we want to love . . .

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