Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Spare Moment . . .

Sunflower and friends . . .

A bit of a sky brush
has pasted some thin
white clouds
the eyes of the rising sun,
as she searches the faces
of those who love her, and
a melody is performed
as wings
touch the breeze . .. 
of a morning
full of tender peace 
and aching with memories . . .

The man with the gentle dog
offers to cut the sunflower for me
just as my camera captures 
that bright yellow face
to hold forever . .. 
I was deeply moved by this stranger's
desire . . . to give me a smile . . . 

. . . finding moments like these
strewn across my pathways
in an eternal heaven,
presents purpose and song,
like the meaning of stars 
and the spirit of waterfalls . . .  
like a gaze from the gods . . .
 it covers my spirit with healing,
creating me anew . . .

and though I said "No, but thanks,"
I received the greatest treasure
a day could offer . . . 
an endless space of love
in a tiny moment . . . . 
where the clouds are but spare tear drops,
flung out like pearls,
to frame the beauty 
of a flower
dancing eternally in the breeze . . . 

A beautiful morning, and I walked part way into work . . . and decided to take pictures of the sunflowers before they faded completely away . . . I especially wanted the sunflowers growing against the back wall of the automobile repair shop . . . because I had seen them in their glory . . . but I was a little late . . . yet I saw one solitary bloom that was striking, and took its picture  . . . and the man with his dog, was cutting across the field and he offered to cut the flower for me . .. and I felt such a connection between souls . .. I explained that I loved to photograph flowers but don't care to keep the blooms themselves as I prefer they stay where they are . . . giving joy to other eyes . . 


I like this music . ..  it fills my day with serenity and peace .. . .it gives some bright bubbles of light which sparkle in my atmosphere and I am soothed . ..  it can play for hours without becoming old . . . and it influences my spirit to create . ..  

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