Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meandering Road

Peahen, and her brood, taking a walk

My walking stick, like a third leg, gives me the stability I need to trudge through the unfinished roads near my home. A peaceful place; I find it necessary for me to have these few moments, here, to de-stress and 
The road, full of potholes
and gravel
is coated with a fine talcum powder dust
which rises as I walk,
lending yellow streaks to the still air . . . .
I hear small birds singing in the cool mornings
and during the warm afternoons
the chickens are wandering around softly murmuring
and chuckling over tasty discoveries . . .
while the voices of children add
to the flavor of the day . . .
Distant traffic
drones and eats away
at the edges 
where a squirrel chatters
at the crow who steals her hidden nuts.
Walking by a newly built house
I hear the friendly clatter of silverware
against porcelain. . . someone
stirs something up for dinner . . .
like a chime in a melody;
a lazy dog barks once or twice
and the crunch of gravel
adds to the tympani  . . .
there are children gathered
around the man trimming the wayward vines,
while laughing at his jokes
they help him
away from his secret sorrows,
and that deep well of loneliness
which pervades,
sinking like the dust
into the multitude of holes
in the soul . . .

A tree the captivates my senses

Time to cool down from those high hot temperatures of Summer? Well here you go . . . a nice chilly jazz tune to ease your pain . . . imagine standing under that waterfall . . . and listen . . .. !


Van Syla said...

How lucky you are to see these strange and beautiful creatures during your daily walk !
Thanks for sharing these precious moments and thoughts with us :)

Wolfsong said...

Thank you for your comment, Syl .. . I'm glad you enjoyed the posting . . .