Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where Tears Gather . . .

The clouds, with shifting patterns,
                                       form and reform over the arch of the hill . .
mutilating the view of the mountains,                       
                     yet painting in shades of gray the flight
of the winged . . .
the glow of sunlight veiled                                                  
beyond the ceiling of the sky . .                          
finds its way to the sea beneath
                                                  where gather the teardrops
                                                                                        of the multitudes . . .
. . . hearts encased in hurt . .
          yet . .  somehow the souls
of the living and the dead connect . . .                                            
                                          through time's secret  river
as it flows into the sea with our dreams . . .
                                                                          for once we rose
on wings that shined like rainbows;                       
                                                          each soul a vision of love and joy . . .
the being of each a treasure,                           
                        always a reflection
                                                                       of the beauty of the earth,
the cosmos . . . the universe, and
heaven . . .
                      the place where waters gather . . .
where now the golden ripples                          
                             of sunbeams unite to dance
a trembling sea . ..                 

This music, by GingerTom, is enjoyable to listen for anytime . . . yet it's more fun to go to his pages and read the story that is entwined with each track and enables the listener to see his vision (which is stage worthy) . . .  I have written several reviews for each track as they were published so I will not write another . .  just want people to enjoy this great listen . . . (My favorite track is "Tea Time" . .  but others have their unique value also):

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