Monday, February 8, 2010

I Smell Daphne! or "Winter is Fading Away!"

I went out on this sunny day, during my lunch moment, to hunt for daphne and the end to winter. I found it! And here it is in all its glory, at least I think it is daphne - sure smelled like it.

Plus - I got to play cupid today! Read on.
I'm not sure what these white flowers are but I will ask people until I find out - or look in a book - could do that I guess. But, you have to admit that I found spring in the park, today. 

Daffodil in front of the school.

More nameless spring posies - in front of the school

OK - I am really embarrassed here - who ever said I know anything about flowers?
But - you have to admit that I can find them.  Wait - I'm not done!


yellow crocuses on someone's wall - my walk home!

Here is the best part - see that little blue flower? Those flowers were growing on someones wall and so I stopped to take several pictures of them. As I was walking away this guy ran up and showed me his pictures of the flowers on his cell phone. I said, "Hey, I just took those pictures."
He said "Yes, my girl friend and I are having a fight and I needed something to send her." 
I responded, "Better do it quick." And chuckled half the way home. What a sweet circumstance, to be able to participate in that made my heart feel warm - so it was kind of like playing cupid -  but . . . hope she liked them.

The fog bank softly covering the city
glows a dusky rose
on the western edge of the valley,
a false sunrise. . .
as I ascend the ridge
I see the city lights bloom through
as flat amber lozenges punctuating the fog
scattered and thronged
like herds of mystical creatures
on an alien planet . . .

the runner who passes me everyday,
a familiar being,
her breath like dragon smoke . . .
I wonder what she thinks in the convoluted
depths of her mind
does she wonder about me as I do of her?

does she follow my frosty markers,
the twigs that point
as shadows in the dark,
a trail bent but unbroken
yet wavers as if untrue
drifting off into unknown spaces . . .
from the territories of my mind?


Just some of the sunshine - a gift through the window
just for you. Feel the sparkles in the air? Hear the conversations
of the birds out there in the trees? Institutional sunshine
is just as wonderful as anywhere else - and as Monday at
work is light for me - I have my many moments of drifting away . . .
and the brightness captures me - I grow wings - and I
am free . . .



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