Wednesday, February 24, 2010



  Someday I will run with you . . .
and together we will fly the milky-way
and swallow the morning star;

I will run with you . . .
and as we hear the coyote sing
we will hand him the sighing moon
while the crystal sands of time
slip away . . .unnoticed.

Someday I will run with you
giving lift to our wings
and we will fly over wild oceans
seeking pure horizons
linking the unselfish hearts of angels

I will run with you
while the robin is laughing
for the love of the newborn sun
where he will gild his feather tips
and the ashes of lost desires
sift away in gentle breezes . . .

Someday I will run with you . . .
and together we will climb
the glorious silver peaks
and touch the mountain flowers
weeping their golden honey
and the rainbow hued insects
sing their magic songs

I will run with you
and we will swim beneath the seas . . .
we will fly beyond the heavens
and touch every beating heart
I will run with you
I will see you passing me
and I will turn and run with you . . .



Guitar so . . . Sweetly Perfect!


Piano/ambient so exquisite!

To the sapphire blue dawn
the early morning sparrow sings his love song
as the geese fly overhead in the darkness
mournfully calling
to the train whistle in the distant fog
and the rains come gently
down in twinkling crystal
filling the gaping wounds in the ground
while the swish of the trees
adds an ambiance of peace
and as the sky begins to turn purple . . .
the stray fallen blossom
clinging to the ancient mossy trunk
of an old leafless oak
gives shelter to the newborn spider
and somewhere in the
far distant past
a whale sang a love song
to the glorious sea
as it gently rocked
her deep blue world . . .



Listening, now, so good!

Rain comes down in sheets of laughter
and the scent of spring blossoms
as a heady perfume
clings to me like a magical cape . . .

The song of the dancing rain
tempts me
to taste the flavors of the air
visible as rainbows,
ephemeral as dew . . .

spring blossoms paint
a glowing pathway,
softly refreshing and
as they are crushed beneath
my flying feet,
the small white petals melt away
like spun sugar
in the driving rain.


Beautiful voice, beautiful songs!
Beautiful listening! 

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