Saturday, February 6, 2010

What a Boring Day does to my Brain!

 This particular poem - which I visioned in the flat hours of my day - has no hidden layers of meanings - it simply is one frozen moment in time - cold and silent - just before the day awakens.

Where do I begin . . .
at the beginning of
the day,
before the sun begins to play
with the shadows on the face
of the golden hills;
while the face of the sullen moon
floats silently, wafer thin
in the watery blue sky. . .
and a thrill is felt through the backbone
of the crow as he spreads his fingers
feeling for the scent of the fir
and the birth of the dead
along the ridge of the mossy boulder,
as a stream of icy water spills
over the slippery lip of the bowl of the rock
into the river as it gallops
down the mountain to the valley . . .
and a feather falls from the side of the hawk
as she shadows her prey
and drinks swiftly of the cool spray of wind
which lifts its currents into the thin misty banks of fog
drifting down along the flanks of the hills
spreading and thinning
through the tall grasses . . .
and a small gray mouse hides her child
in the pearly cup of a snail shell
left on the frond of a broken fern
as a howl shreds the thin morning air
and the bees begin to hum.


Brain tickling

This is some really good minimalistic, percussion driven, electronic experimental music. Very relaxing and rejuvenating both at the same time. It kind of melts into your brainwaves and connects with the electronic bits and wires and whatever you have up there in your head box and your brain waves space out and you kind of go on this little trip - its actually quite nice. I dreamed I was a robot and although they say that robots don't dream; I can testify that they do - listen to the album.



I have decided this album should become a cult favorite; simply because it was so weird.  
Astonishingly Amazing like nothing I have ever heard before!?! 
Its dramatic - its glorious - as the sun rises
and we are witnesses to beauty
and it stars our eyes with halos
with a musical to regale us with joyous lyrics
brilliant with flowers and galaxies
and leaping with joy in the garden everlasting
and especially with
all the happy endings of all the magical kingdom
stories ever told
where all the princesses and handsome princes
live happily ever after
because nobody ever told them that they wouldn't -
or they shouldn't
but the listener has been assaulted
to the ears
and the brain will
never be the same

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