Friday, March 5, 2010

Despair!   - French Version

Please watch: "Home" - An exceptionally beautiful and informative film on the fragility of our planet.

vanishing forever

like a swift run river leaping down a steep cliff . . .

disappearing and gone forever

into the mists of the past

we turn our backs

on the dead

and the living alike . . .

what we don't want

we kill


we destroy

i can't stop thinking . . .

something for the children . . .

if we Loved we would save the world

reaching out to aid

a neighbor in distress,

feed the hungry,

clothe the poor,

hug the crying children . . .

the child's tears ran down my arm

warm like heart's blood

like a river flowing forever

streaming and falling

and vanishing into the earth . . .

despairing like Joy lost forever

forever and ever
lost for an ever

a nothing is left . . .

a bird

a song

a dream

it was there

and now its gone


into the vapors of time . . .

the feathers

and all of the tears


the silent echo of something that once was

and no longer is

where once it flew

a shattered pearl

in glorious color

a song called Hope


is gone.


Sometimes we have one of those days - when we weep over the despairing cry of others - a friend who wants to end his life . . . perhaps . . . a golden sunny day that shining and beckoning endlessly has no appeal to the broken hearted . . . perhaps . . . a few sufferers along the way . . . perhaps . . . but most wounded of all . . .

A small child pacing over a worn orange carpet, a lonely boy, a refugee . . . he paces the small confines of a school office, a musty place, a fearful place for a boy who awaits his fate. The teacher sees his anxiety and meets him in his walk and wraps her arms around him. He leans his child's face on her forearm and weeps, his tears running down her arm in warm rivers and pools on that threadbare carpet. The teacher, also begins to weep and her tears run over the top of his head . . . a child never hugged. I am afraid, he cried, my father wants to put me in kid jail . . . he wants me gone. This tender child, one of the baddest boys in the school, one of the most brilliant, yet the most wild child . . . hungered so for a hug from someone, anyone.

Perhaps my whole reason for living, the only reason for this poor excuse of a life  . . . was to hug that one lone child.

Added: March 9:
Yesterday, I was asked if I would mentor one of our very troubled youths, and of course I was eager and agreed that I would love to, but it nearly broke my heart when I saw his face light up so . . . I am not sure why I felt so sad.  I also told our school counselor that I wanted to mentor the other child, who has been so deprived of hugging . . . I helped this child out of his hiding place today, his locker, gave him a big hug and walked him to class . . . his teacher reported that he was much better today . . . 


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