Monday, March 29, 2010


what is Love?

is it that split second of time
when you respond to another human,
with understanding,
when you experience
something of them
so profound that it gives
the opportunity for
soul to touch soul,
like seeing through a window
and being transported
just for that split infinity
only during that moment
is there a ray,
a beam of universal Love
which lifts the heart
and inner self
of the individual,
away from themselves
and into the soul of the other . . .
feeling that Love?
A Love which
is as unpredicted as
an angel's glancing blow
needs to be experienced
only once
to understand
and fold away as a treasured
bit of joy
to keep forever in the drawers
of your heart?!?


The wind blows cold and black
lifting my heart as I tuck my wings away,
and fly with strength delivered by the moving air,
a powerful being, delighting in pulling down
any ancient and tired tree, who is waiting for an excuse
to fly away
and be free. . .
Waters cover the ground . . .
a wetness like a river, glistening in the dark, rivulets running . . .
taking the street grime
to the awaiting sea . . .
as I rise above the ridge
overlooking the shiney metropolis
I hear a familiar bird, hidden in the fastness of a solid tree,
sing his greeting to me . . .
and a creature of the night
scuttles away from my restless feet
and dives into a dark cave under the lifted root
of an old oak . . .
the long train, calls his lonely song, moving against my heels,
pushing me along with the wind . . .
causing me
to fly faster,
and as I enter the brick shelter
for my day
I am wet and slimy like an old mossy tree,
and my roots squish and squeak
as I move over the shiny floor . . .


- The Precious Art of Love -

 So. . . being back in the bosom of my family, after Spring Break; and welcoming

the children, the teachers, the guardians of the little ones.

I had an encounter with my little friend, Destiny, today which warmed my heart,

and made me cry!

She and her little sisters

were going through the breakfast line when I saw them.

I had just helped a tiny creature

unzip and remove her coat,

and was talking to our cook, 
Donna, when there they were . . . 
Destiny and Baily with caps on their heads.

It was a cold and stormy morning, 
so I was not puzzled by the caps, 
but the girls showed me their bright and shiny freshly shaved skulls . . . 
Baily, poor child, had been dripping with lice, 
and Momma made a choice, and so did Destiny. 
Destiny chose to join her sister in the shaved head brigade; 
join her sister in solidarity, and LOVE!  
I gave her a big hug and told her I loved her,  
and with tears in my eyes,  
         tied Baily's shoes    

Just a note about this accidental heart:  Around Valentine's day I decided to go in search of natural hearts occurring around the neighborhood of the school, planning on taking pictures and pasting them on Facebook . . . unfortunately after several days of hunting I was able to find only three . . . all located just outside the school!

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LittleFingers said...

I am deeply moved by the poem about love, and the one about those two little shaved head kids.
Very sensitive; this is how oprangeupurple see things with her heart. Thank you M^^W.