Thursday, April 1, 2010


  I have a name.
I am a person.
I am real.

My first name, Barbara, means foreign, barbarian,
or "stranger at the gate." I like that last description because
it fits how I have always thought about myself . . . an outsider.

My last name, Wolfsong, is a name I picked for myself, after
my divorce, and made into my legal name.  It reflects the times
throughout my life when I had a wolf protectoress and guide;
when I most needed her, she was there.  The first part of my
name, "Wolf," is to honor her. The "song" part of my
name reflects my feeling that life is a song, and wolf
climbs to the highest star and sings her song . . . alone.

And that is me, a stranger and alone.

 My user-name, Orangeupurple, has been in use since I needed one. It merely indicates my favorite color combination. I have a very strong
                                                                                    attraction to these colors.

 M^^W  =  Mother Wolf
My friend, Creix, started calling me that, and it was nice for our relationship, and other people picked up on it also . . . at one point I decided I needed a signature, hence, the ears between the "M" and the "W."

I am a teacher -
I teach Kindergarten through fifth grade regarding
I am voted both the toughest teacher in the school and the most popular.
I am always called on when student management is necessary.
Yet the kids can often make me laugh so hard . . . well . . .
I love everything creative from creation itself to the art of children . . . and on . . .
I always tell my students that I love them.

I love people!
Sometimes they just hurt so . . . . I cannot bear it   ...    


1 comment:

creix said...

you are almost naked on those last post.....
My sincere admiration for a true person you are ....