Friday, April 30, 2010

The Weathering of Love!

You appeared out of the blue
like an event of weather
affecting whatever lies beneath your breath . . .
and all beholding the demons of you . . .
Are you the cloud that
covers the sun and flirts with the moon?
are you the tears of that mist
coming down in despairing floods. . .
or the lightning flashing bright
across the terrors of the night
are you afraid to see what you have done . . .
do you know what you have done
to me?
Who hears the echos in your hollow caves
do you know that they are the drums
of reveille - oh awake dreaming one
as you peruse new ways to haunt me . . .
and with your embraces,
a wind which whips by like a ghost
of a kiss,
one moment and then gone
one moment and then scorned . . . yes, even . . .
scorched by your hot suns bearing down
on my  melting heart
catching it drip by faltering drip
in the glories of your smile. . .
and I see your face on the lips of the
setting sun.
I stand stricken as the ice begins
to flow over my stone cold body . . .

and I stand alone.


1 comment:

LittleFingers said...

This poetry is astounding Barbara. You know I am not an english native reader, and that one I read it so easily, it is so highly rhythmic, that I went through the story without any hesitation, and the choice of words, beautiful, and the spirit of it all : Shakespeare !
Thank you for sharing this beauty.