Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Dance of the Trees

At the top of the hill,
in the far of the north,
in the cold and the dark
lived a tree
tall and straight
as the comet's bright trail . . .

and the story is told
that she danced in the dark
in the still of the night
she would dance for the stars
as they circled the sky . . .
she would dance for the moon
as he would sigh . . .

and some would whisper
a tale they say
is as true as the cool
blue waters are deep . . .
as true as the sky
has no end to its height . . .
she danced alone
she had no one to touch her . . .
she danced with no one
standing beside her

as fleeting birds flew
to cover her boughs
in harmony they calmed
her heart with their song
and giving her hope
as she hummed along . . .
with her seed she fed them
with her arms she warmed them
giving them home and a sheltered  bed . . .
the tale tells true
the day came by
when uncounted
birds darkened the sky

with their feet they held her
with their wings they lift her
through the clouds they flew her
o'er the sea they took her
down to the endless woods
they brought her . . .

root touching root
bough brushing bough
there she shares
with her kin the gift
of the  waltz
swaying and bending
to the breath from the sky

and the trees dance forever
in the dark of the night
they dance forever
in the sight of the moon . . .
they dance together
'neath the starlit sky.

Cats eyes
                                                     have a look of intense surprise

and yet a serenity                     

that belies the attention
                                                                              they pay to their environment. . .

but they never have excuses for 

they just do.

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