Sunday, May 16, 2010

Be Prepared to Stop

                             as you walk
as you run

along at the speed of life            
be prepared to stop
to read the signs along the road .. .. ..                   
                                     Pause to watch
the children play .. .. ..
                          or paint the drooping rose
with your rainbow colors.. .. ..
                           open every doorway
and step into                          
the exotic or mundane,
experiences un-lived 
until now.. .. ..
lift every sagging wing
and fly as you walk
as you run
facing every horizon .. .. ..           
give the lonely fish wings
and the wild bird gills
watch them meet at that

on sun dappled seas.                                      
                      As you fly along
                                  on the roads
or run
                        in the skies
be ready to stop                                
and make love in the spaces
provided.. .. ..
                                                  lifting up the fallen      
and the broken hearted
but always
looking for those signs along the way .. .. ..
you'll never know
                               until you read them
what gifts they will impart .. .. ..
but as you walk along at the
speed of life
be prepared to plant a few


And to a certain friend of mine, I know what you are thinking - and you are right - as usual! The idea came from you, this time! -  ;-D

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LittleFingers said...

You got it all. I am so pleased and happy, it moves me so much. What a beautiful expression. Thanks M^^W