Saturday, May 29, 2010


What fills your moments,
your dreams.. .. ..
an upturned face,
a pensive look,
a certain quixotic perspective
standing at the cross roads of illusion .. with no return,
no restitution,
no appeals for a redo,
you move on . . . and
the dream is often all you hold
seeping through your hands.. .. ..
and while you stand amazed,
at that moment
you stand alone and ponder,
that choice so like
the rainbow . . . a quick hello
and then goodbye . . .
ephemeral as a dewdrop
a point of egress .. .. ..
the door is closed
and all is lost
so much is gained. . . 
a kaleidoscope of ambition
you never realize the reason,
the purpose
is not within your sight
but all the glory is there .. .. .. for
with spirit wings
you fly above the crowds
and see . . .


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