Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Day!

The rain continues to roar proudly,
as if the skies resent the idea of spring
morphing into summer,
and to keep the sun at obedience
the gods of weather cause
white sheets to hang
across the wild blue heights.. .. ..
and I walk into curtains
of water
drenching my toes,

my heart
poured through.. .. ..
by the tides of storms
day after night .. .. ..

night after day
the oceans of earth
flow over the mountains
and onto my spaces .. .. ..
I walk through the blur
along my roads and I see
death marching
ahead of me.
A long black cape
and deep dark hood
of velvet night 

unembelleshed with singing stars
or dancing moon .. .. ..
tall and dark and ominous,
death marched on in
ebony boots, and with
a little dog in tow.. .. ..

eventually a revelational
turn,  a sparkling blue glance,
a golden curl, an upturned smile.. .. ..
so then 
I wonder,
what demons possess me,
enticing me to call
"O' Death, where is thy sting?"
though mockery
is not my way, nor embroidery
my road to travel
along the muddy way

I smile brightly at Death
and Death smiles back at me,
and I walk by
brushing her cape lightly,
as the walk is narrow
and the way is dark.


This is Duncan, our Wednesday's dog . . . he didn't mind me laying on the floor with him . . . and only blinked once or twice as I snapped his picture . . . he is used to antics of all sorts . . . in this insane asylum called Grout School.

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LittleFingers said...

Gee whiz, that's Shakespearian ! I love it !
A real pleasure to read out loud. Thanks.