Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Treasured Moment

Such a beautiful day . . . with sun
the warm air brought the song of busy birds
along with the happy chatter of people here and there.. .. ..
the check-out line at the market
was sparse,
and the clerk sang to me with a sweet voice.. .. ..
His music was full
of wonderment, seasoned

with joy.. .. ..
surprised, I asked him
about this treasured moment,
this brightness in such a place.. .. ..
his recent past was tortured.. .. ..

He said,
with a broken skull and

his brains smashed,
he was dead, he commented

with an air of wonderment,.. .. ..
but he yet lives,

oh yes,
a miracle .. .. .. 
he lives to
bring joy to those around him,
and he revels in
every second he has .. .. ..
and I stood and wept in awe
at the wonders of existence
and the marvels of the human spirit!


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