Monday, May 24, 2010

Her Garden

She surrounds herself with beauty,
the queen of the garden,
and all that flows in loveliness
which graces the world in her care.. .. ..
the tenderness of the rose petal
and the fragrance of the lavender
swiftly calls to the butterfly
as it angles by.. .. ..
she sees the details in every little thing.. .. ..
the growth of grace as it is applied
to the sides of the willow tree
delights the breezes
as they swing through the branches
like invisible children.. .. ..
and the crystal blue of the sky
smiles into the pool
within which she bathes .. .. ..
as she strokes
the liquid magic,
elixir to all life
she creates melodies.. .. ..
and the little birds whisper of
these sweet mysteries
throughout the valley.. .. ..
while life fills her courtyard with
abundance and joy,
the golden stuff of sunshine
drips from the trees like honey.. .. ..
and the angels come to witness
the varieties of color as it
pushes through the planet's skin
wherever her graceful foot has touched.. .. ..
for only in the farthest reaches of heaven
is such a beauty reached. . .


This is dedicated to my Step-Mother, Patty, who has been blind all her life and yet has been such a dedicated gardener and creator of colorful flower gardens.  She is an inspiration to all who know her.

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LittleFingers said...

Very lovely poem, and beautiful pictures Barbara, they shine to me when I look at them and make me long for my lost garden. Happily, another one, much more beautiful is waiting for me, and you, and all of us...