Monday, May 31, 2010

Fractures Through Time

 A Fractal - My First
"Footprints of the Dragon"

Self Portrait - "Pollen"
She saw the flight of sorrow
it spread its monstrous wings
and soared above
the whitened hills
the skulls gleamed starkly
against their purple shrouds.. .. ..
sorrow like a vulture gliding
watching for the first betrayal
She saw the sweep of sorrow                                                                                                              

as it slid down heated currents
descending slowly, menacing
her breathing - quickened
as she rejected
time worn phrases,
curses against her fate
denying anger, turning fearful
turning hateful, turning sorrow .. .. ..
Sorrow's talons, sorrow's beak
biting deep within her meat
she never screamed
she only wept
she wept
and then she died. . .


(this poem is completely about depression . . . a familiar demon of mine in days gone by)

(this next poem followed immediately on the heels of the last one)

It is so lonely .. .. ..
The roof over my head
      is so low
I could reach up
and touch one
      of those
      dancing lights . . .
      its cold tonight.
They flash messages
to me
in a code
I cannot read
They sing, I know,
In silent voices .. .. ..
        empty noises.
It is so lonely . . .
Once, I had heard
    their song
    which swept within me
    And all my heart aches
    gone . . .
    on winged flight
    through burning space
    there is no place
And now I read
their empty messages
cloud my eyes
and pierce my heart
with fragile crystal
and if today my song is sorrow
maybe  . . .
                      not tomorrow


Third Fractal - Tail of Dragon

There is a clear call
A message
In the early morning air
A multitude
of bird song
against the walls of trees
Their husky morning voices
their approval
of the coming day
the damp mists
curl around bent beak and
bright eyes
the clouds for change
a flutter
a dash of sunlight
a sailing wing
And there in the blue air
flows the ghost of a dream.



Moths step their feet
on newborn leaf
Horses cry
over yesterdays' valleys
gone now
broken down
birds flew there
laughing into the steam
gone now
broken down
Sunlight slid
West on the wings
of an eggshell sky
gone now
broken down
bees mated with
daisies on
yellow fields of
basket grass that danced below
the rolling love
of wind touch
gone now
broken down
The turtle stretched his neck
to watch a fly
gone now
broken down
The pond
The stream
The field
The forest
Gone now
broken down


Second Fractal "Dance of the Turtles"

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