Friday, May 7, 2010


There is a serenity
here in this place,

Peace.. .. ..
But first,
you must look for it.. .. ..
like a dauntless adventurer
questing through unknown lands.. .. ..
you must look for it
from the deepest depths in
the darkest caverns of the sea
to the brightest and highest of the heavens
you must seek.. .. ..
But first,
you must wrench yourself away
from the raging masses as
they have nothing of what you
need or desire . . .
for you, they have the acrimony which burns
like acid feeding
the pits of fire
in your heart.. .. ..
and imprisonment which keeps you
bereft of freedom.. .. ..
But first
deep in the dungeons of your prison
you must seek a portrait of the enchanted lands,
a vision you dream of, a dream you hope for
and the beauty and love
that is there.. .. ..
But first
start in your heart by looking for truth
and you will discover the magic and grace
of serenity
and in serenity you will find peace
and from there.. .. ..
If you want it . . . you will find it
eyes up
look at the sky
and then
just fly
and find
freedom .. .. ..
freedom to love
But first,
you must realize
that there is serenity in this place.. .. ..
that there is Peace.


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