Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Into the Unknown

Early morning as I walked
the air was redolent with the tang of smoke
               from a fire near my home.. .. ..
it had saturated the warm damp
         atmosphere, creating a slight haze,
and the peacefulness of the early morning
was shot through with the clatter of
           helicopters angling for the best views . . .
I walked along the ridge above my house,
       the ambient light was a dark blue mist which
        precluded sharp vision as I
daydreamed about the turns and twists
            my life was taking.. .. ..
                             never seeing far ahead .. .. ..
                             never seeing beyond the moment.. .. ..
                             never seeing how to prepare .. .. ..
My foot hovered over an object in the wetness of the road

          I stopped to look at
          herds of snails

          headed into danger,
          like a race of un-swift steeds
          in a misty dream . . .
          all focused on reaching the other side
          of this sometimes busy road . . .

Unaware of their future
and what it may bring
they still had the faith
in the adventure,
and the outcome.. .. ..
for who knows
unless you have tried,
it may be that the pastures
are greener on the other side.


I took all these pictures this morning on my way to work, and the story is true, all those snails, it was so cute,. . . the pictures are too poor to enlarge any more than the size they are . . . but the semblance is there to be enjoyed.

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LittleFingers said...

;;; and I enjoyed everything about it, the pictures, the poem, what it says !