Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Goodness of Rain

walking with the intemperate rain . . .
somehow it feels cleansing
this evening;
splashing through like the
clumsy beast I am . . .
my hair hangs wet and
strings of water
peel off from my wrists,
my feet fly
with fins
through impermanent ponds
reflective as enigmatic mirrors
and sprinkled with ambient light
from some secluded wary star . ..
I stumble to a halt
and find a line of fungi
littering the trail
like fugitives
from some disaster .. .. ..
leading to a nest
of mushrooms
each holding a slug
busy recycling these ephemeral
creations.. .. ..

in perfect order
in perfect peace.. .. ..

oh you.. .. ..
on that mountain top
of old,
speak to me
of the meaning of life. . .
and I will find it yet,
. . .in the valleys of mud
and in the slime of the slug.


Just an addition here: the very next day I walked by these very same clumps of grass and all the mushroom cities were gone . . . as if they were never there . . . I was astonished but so glad that I was able to catch them with my camera .  ..perhaps they were magical places . . . I suspect they were.

Here is some extra lovely music to warm the bones of the most damp Oregonian (probably me) and gives visions of dry heat and desert sands and mysterious histories . . . bright lights, warm tones and amber shades . .  . ah - I feel the molds and mildews receding from my existence . . .beautiful!


Some very exquisitely relaxing NewAge music . .  . beautiful.


LittleFingers said...

These pictures are awesome. The render of the textures is fantastic. I really do love them. Thanks for posting them M^^W.

Wolfsong said...

Thanks PM for your compliment: It was a drenching rain, but I couldn't resist that little magical kingdom by the side of my pathway. M^^W