Monday, June 28, 2010

Is there a familiarity there?

Is there a familiarity there?
A friendship or something of a deeper quality?
home is that comfort we feel
wherever it may be . . .
that loved for whatever we are . . .
that held close feeling - that is so rare . . .

if i share enough of myself that i lay bared and naked before the world,
if i expose the deepest heart of me -
all the longings and the loves,
all the history
every nuance and every atom
no dark or hidden corner left unveiled. . .
if you can see into my heart and soul . . .
and still love me
then that is love.

the mirror of what i am
reflects the person of you
witnessing the strength and dignity
and each value that the other has to give . . .
do you see yourself in me?
can you see truth where i stand?

if i love you
is that enough?



LittleFingers said...

Yes, I love you, but you are so special !
Like a flash of the sun over the muddy water of a swamp. Funny thing, when the sun sets, you are still glowing, even in the darkest night.
Not everyone can do that.
Maybe because they like too much their own swamp and don't ever try to find the way out. It takes some effort and will to do it. And the desire to do so.
Better be a a flash of the sun over a muddy water than a fake star in a nonexistent sky... illusions... illusions...
It takes some nerve to be truthful with oneself, and vigilance. And a lot of work, all life long.
Starting with honest self-awareness.
A lot of hard work, but so much rewarding.


Wolfsong said...

Wow! PM you are a poet also, someone who is able to paint such a vivid mental image and describe their thoughts . . . beautiful!
And . . . thank you for your complement. Your kindness towards me always exceeds what I deserve . . . but I love you for it . . . PEACE - M^^W

LittleFingers said...

I don't see anything exceeding or extravagant in the way I love you, and you should not belittle yourself in anyway, it has nothing to do with being aware of what we are. One must be fair with him/herself, even when he/she is aware of his/her defects, being aware of our defects does not null our qualities, it helps us to know on what we have to work to get better and peaceful.

You are in my mind and my heart whatever, because the nice about you is that you exchange truthfully and never ever play nasty games. That is shown in your poems and in the way you behave and express yourself, no matter "where you are" ! Like a flash of the sun ! And when I look at you, I don't see the muddy swamp. Matter of choice, again !

I love you M^^W.

Wolfsong said...

Thank you PM . . . you, also are a shining light to me and I love you too. . .