Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Down by the Shore!

So, when we walk down by the shore
along the tides of the deep green sea
I sing to you of how they ebb
and how they flow for ever more
like a road across the way . . .
to fly is open across the span
above the balmy airs
of the deep, deep restless sea,
and the wings of the albatross,
like the sail of a traveling cloud,
flows on that endless stream,
and with that drift
will float our fears
away to lands of dream,
and as alone we shed our tears
like frozen time they are swept away
by the salty foam
of the cold and august sea,
and the wind and the rime
on this edge of time
will cast its mold on the floating plain
of the spaces between
each song of a wave
and the golden light
of the brightest sight
will show us our vision and way . . .


I have played these songs quite a bit over yesterday's afternoon. I felt that  the entirety of this album's music is perfection itself and of excellent quality. Each of the tunes had a unique sound yet the flow was marvelous.
I love the way the music in these songs plays around your head . . . it had a way of creating some magic there . .. brightening your day … uplifting your mood . .. what could be better than that? I thought all these melodies were well thought out, carefully crafted and lovingly composed. This is a brilliant album.
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annamundi said...

it's always a deep pleasure for my soul coming here, in your blog, to read your poetries... some of your words are simply so familiar to me...some others are strong questions and i follow them as treads to the unknown myself... some are just universal words from heart to heart....
these few words of mine to tell you my sincere gratitude

Wolfsong said...

How exceptionally nice to see you here, Anna, and you are so sweet to make a comment for me. Thank you so much for your beautiful words . . . you have such a delicately exquisite sense of art yourself . . . which flows like angel song from your gorgeous self . . .Love to you!