Monday, June 14, 2010

A Little Music!

Music soothes me
when I feel traumatized . . .
and I am wounded most every day. . .
Music calms me
when I feel anxious . . .
and I am often apprehensive. . .
Music lifts me
when I feel low . . .
and my wings are clipped too often . . .
Music joins me
when I feel joy . . .
and I am happy, always . . .
Music includes me
when I feel creative
and I write poetry today . ..

Be drawn into the life of a tear.. .. ..
drama, pain,
despair.. .. ..
and ultimately a release
of tension,
as the tear finds its way out
to begin its journey,
and slowly fades away
as it travels
while calm begins to prevail.. .. ..
peace follows the salty trail
of the tear .. .. ..
a little sorrow still
and then
a gleam of sunshine.. .. ..
relief to the weary soul
while the tear
is only forgotten.

This poem was written for the music,
as creix asked me if I would write something about it. 
The poem belongs to him.

This is powerful, attention grabbing music . . . stunning drum; 
percussion . . . vocals . . . mesmerizing, 
spare dark poetry . . . in my mind a vision . . .

the dark moments in our world . . . our lives,
the things that stand out, like monuments destroyed,
evil that slips into our midst,
a dark wall of smoke,
a flow of black oil darkening clear waters . . .
killing . . . .death
how do we move through that darkness . . .
ever becoming more jaded,
apathetic to the warnings around us . . . are we listening . . .are we listening yet?
Do we see the darkness descending on our world . . . . yet?
the beast, the power of oil . . .
What will we do when we can no longer move through 

the smudge that we have made . . . of our world?
Where will we go . . . .?


A couple more really nice albums I enjoyed over the weekend:

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LittleFingers said...

I am so very happy KaOS's music inspired you a poem which vividly describes the spirit and intention of his newest album.
So happy we share the taste for this artist.
So happy to know we can, you and I, see the dark from the light where we stand.
Thanks M^^W to love him.