Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Day and another Day . . . Like a River Flows. . . Under the Changing Sky!

My road today, so beautiful . . .
I walk,
staring at the trails of the sky,
not watching my own feet
my own path . . .
I hear a call, a small sound
and look down
to the sidewalk, and see a mass,
a movement,
I was walking, squashing, stepping
all over the colonies
of ants as they cleaned house
after the end of the rains,
in preparation of the summer . . .
I apologized and asked them
to pose for my camera - "too busy
and sorry," they exclaimed and continued
with their business . . and they
ran to and fro . .. beyond my ken .. .. ..

so I moved on . . .
I continued down my path
to discover other interesting views .  ..
a smiling face . . .
and a tree with some strange fruits!
What oddities in life to notice
as one travels through their day . . .
no need to despair
because this world is always
eager to entertain the appreciative traveler. 



A very soothing album . . . I am listening right now . ..  very nice!

Plus - I love the picture of the sky . .. but NOT the pole and wires in the way . . . so I think with some gimp play I will make a magical change . .. or maybe not ...


LittleFingers said...

Well, the poles and the wires belong to our world and are part of our lives. Sometimes they bother, sometimes they don't.
To be honest, at first sight, I had not seen them until you mentioned them.
It is like life : there are things you see but don't look at. There are things you hear but don't listen to.
Just a matter of choice... I suppose.


Wolfsong said...

Thank you for your comment, PM . . . My vision can be too critical at times and I know I will leave the original here - at the top - but still fuss with it in Gimp . . My eyes were looking at the sunlight waving at me from behind the clouds . . . and that is the part of the picture I love . . .Thank you for your wisdom . . .