Sunday, June 6, 2010

StarChild 2

to dream of a clear dark night
with bright light from space
singing through
like angels
glancing into eyes
that sparkle
there they dance and laugh
in communion
with the spirits
and through the spaces
in your dreams
they weave memories
of faded hopes
come true
and all the laughter
you created
ring like silver bells
in fields of starlight
all reflected in the river
of time as it wanders
throughout the spaces
of your mind.

This poem is dedicated to PM . . . in hopes that he can feel the joy in my words.  :-D - With LOVE!

REGARDING the Picture: The child jumped into the photo I was taking in the cafeteria at her school . . . she sparkled so much I wanted her in a starfield I had found on the Hubble site . . . and I Gimped the whole thing together . . . not as easy as it sounds when you forget that you can't use alpha channels with jpeg pictures and I struggled til I remembered and then the picture fit so nicely . . . like a puzzle.

P.S. I showed the picture to the child in question and she did NOT seem impressed - LOL! I love it!! These funny funny kids. As a matter of fact, she just rolled her big beautiful eyes at me, sighed, and complained about some computer issue that was plaguing her. 

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LittleFingers said...

I am admirative, one sentence with that many words and feelings in a row. What a writer you are.
Peace and Hugs M^^W.