Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ephemeral as a Stream in the Forest

The sun rises with promises to keep
and the westering hills
are folded within golden reflections
as if beneath the skirts of a wise goddess;
and the hills and the sun in quiet reverie
plan for the day ahead.. .. ..
while the clouds scuttle in small groups
across the open plains of blue,
Seeking shelter in some castle keep
upon a mountain peak,
while white water swashing in the valley floor
tumbles down the slope
like elfish water babies playing
and reflecting the sun
with an inner light
so bright . . .
like stars in a deeply patterned night.. .. ..
and the little diving birds
splash relentlessly in the creek . . .
calling to each other as if they were friends
on a weekend outing .. .
in the woods . ..

The way to the valley
is cloaked in a deep lushness of verdant
and White Wolf slinks through
like smoke
to reach the refreshing waters . . .
warmth already at play in the air
drifting through on damp currents,
and the birds scatter
alarmed but full of the grace of the winged ones . . .
White Wolf watches with her silver eyes.. .. ..
she wonders at the majesty of such tiny creatures . . .

She dips her head to drink from the
singing waters,
her face reflecting
the undulating ripples of light
that mask and then reveal
her beautiful thoughtful eyes.. .. ..

They glisten as she thinks
about her children
and their ways,
each unique
and with a special gift,
to impart to the others in their pack,

each one with a song
of their own;
each life
a precious gift
to this earth . . .

And she hears a drum beat . . . clear down
in the heart of the earth . . .
as she moves swiftly up the valley
and over the ridge . . .
the earth begins to tumble and slide
while trees plummet and fall
down to the valley floor
choking the small stream like a dam . . .
and the birds are silent . . .
the world stops, stunned . . .
the sun is dimmed by the dirt drifting
on the tides of the air . . .
and the smell of fresh soil
is prevalent throughout the morning's shock . . .

White Wolf stops and sits
to watch a growing pool
become a small muddy lake
in the middle of the forest . . .

and then
she continues on her way .



And so . . . I found this little moppett in the hallway all alone . . . the students were gone for the summer and I started to walk past her as two men were arguing over a rolled-up carpet . . . but I wanted . ..I needed her picture . . . so I back tracked my steps and took out my camera to snap a few shots . . . all the while listening to these men argue over the cost of this carpet . . . the younger man describing what he needed the carpet for and why he couldn't take it at that very moment and the other man kept quoting prices and those kept going up . . . I felt as if I was in a surreal landscape with this strange, magical, fragile and broken little doll staring at me and I wondered what creative brain could have designed such a creature . . . When I was done with my pictures I looked over at the men who had decided at that point that it was most fun to include me in their argument . . . (the crazy lady taking pictures of the figurine), while still arguing over the rug.  I walked over to the carpet and looked at the large sign taped to its outer face . . . "FREE-PLEASE TAKE ME!"

Edit:  I just wanted to add, in case you are worried about this little doll, that I adopted her (else she would have been thrown out in the trash) and she resides in a secluded spot for the summer in my classroom . . .  she will come out to enjoy the computer lab antics when summer is over . . .. M^^W


LittleFingers said...

I just love the story about the little moppet... and it was nice you took a picture, really worth it !

LittleFingers said...

Oh, thanks to let us know that.
It is only a man made creature, but there is one thing about her which matters very much, it is : how do you feel when you look at her ? What do your thoughts tell you?


Wolfsong said...

Thank you PMC ... She does touch a nerve. So lost and alone and broken. I think she calls to the rescuer in me as she looks at me with those huge hopeful eyes of hers. I also feel an identity with her as I understood how she feels. Why was she abandoned and where did she come from . . .I hope to find out her story this Fall when everyone comes back to the building.


sylviane said...

When I look at this moppet I have this thought about what she expresses - she asks me :
What are your questions about ?


Wolfsong said...

She looks like she is biting her lower lip and her eyebrows are up high with a quizzical and alarmed look in her eyes and a kindly look on her face as if she were wondering how she could help you - yes I see it . . .. She doesn't need MY help, she wants to help ME! . . . WOW!