Thursday, April 15, 2010

A MIRACLE . . . and more!

a small child handed a loop of
                                             shabby gold thread
                                                                              strung with seven plastic beads
 of varying colors
                                 to her teacher today, as she stood                                                             
in the doorway, counting the children
                                                               as they filed through.
                     The teacher was anxious about giving
the keyboarding lesson to this group
                                                           of students, notorious for disobedience
                                                   and being easily distracted. . .
but she received the loop of threaded beads
                                                                 and said with a smile, "Oh, how nice!"
                   and the child responded with a little skip and
                                   a grin, "Its a crown!"
                             "Oh, my!" the teacher said as she put the
                                  "crown" on her head . . .
                                                                                   and proceeded with the lesson . . .
                                   and every eye in the room watched that crown
                                                             on the Queen, and made sure to warn her
whenever her crown was about to slip . . .

So, we found out, yesterday, that Mary's cancer has disappeared???  WOW!!
My exclamations are not enough - I flew in, to work, this morning on wings of strength and amazement and joy!! All was so beautiful . . . the birds singing in the most pure tones of beauty . . . the sun arising as I flew . . . I was praising the Creator for such a glorious thing . . . From Stage IV cancer to . . . nothing . . .  . . . . . . I cannot say enough . . . it is too glorious and this posting will only be whatever words I can find of amazement and joy!

I saw my guardian wolf today . . . my spirit guide . . . but she was different . . . bigger than me . . . and not as wolfy as I remember her . . . and she spoke for the first time ever . . . and she told me her name . . . and the only part I understood was . . . "Hope . . ." the rest is in me somewhere. . . maybe yet to be discovered

I flew in this morning on wings of strength and joy!  I landed with a bump when some friends stopped to say hi and offer me a ride . . . couldn't they see that I was flying?  I guess not . . . who else can see that? . . . and another amazing thing?!? My favorite jogger lifted her head today and looked at me and smiled!?! . . . well that was amazing to me . . . and everyone I passed was another familiar soul . . . smiling and saying hi . . . the clouds were turning peach when I got here to my other home . . . my job . . . and I spoke with Sally about the amazing miracle . . . just because . . .

I am at a loss for words . . .               

On December 30, 2009:

I wrote an angry poem or two - I wrote and wrote about death and loss -
I remember I was cold, very cold and the tears and snot were flowing -
I had just received word about Mary's stage IV cancer - we knew
she had cancer - but not how bad it was - in her colon, her ovaries,
her lymph nodes, her liver . . . she had a 5% chance of life, of beating
this ugly thing . . . I remember that it had snowed that day . . . and I had
one friend on line with me, someone to give me comfort - as I raged against
such a fate for someone so young . . . and I remember shaking - I don't know
why I was that upset . . . but I was . . . and I was so pessimistic. . . I wonder if
I learned something from all this . . . Stay tuned!!!

I don't rage every minute of my life
but I do enough 
to lose myself in the useless
longing for what-isn't and
what may-never-be. . .
instead of standing still
and listening to the quiet
of angels 
talk about
the plan of Now and the shining moments
of the space of Here
which is all revealed to me . . .
yet so often I am struck dejected and forlorn
with eyes to some distant grey future
or the dismal misty past . . .
where I struggle to find happiness
or contentment
but when I hear the angels' voices
and look to where I am
I see life like a golden glow
In Peace and Hope I AM


I spent hours using Gimp to erase rope lines on the building and stuff on the lamp - I wanted only three items in this picture - and I have never altered a photo before . . . so this was new for me - not done perfectly, but fun . . . and somehow it fits in with the topic of cancer disappearing from my friend's body . . .

Here is the original:  
OK - now, I know that you will see where I worked on the picture - but all I can say is that that work was so therapeutic and calming - and as I get so very stressed during this time of the year under my responsibility as the Testing Coordinator - it was comforting to find something to distract my mind and give me another new hobby to learn.  

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LittleFingers said...

Thanks M^^W to share your happiness with us.
What remains unsaid stays inside you to nourish that very Hope your guardian wolf came to tell you. Peace and Hope are the two keys to open free the passage God comes through to speak to you... about any matter.