Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chaos Theory

Shoes on the un-socked feet
of a small boy . . .
untied shoelaces flopping
and slicing into the spaces
                   around his grimy ankles.

Shoes like oversized boats
carrying small but precious cargo . . .
The ties tethered,
but uncomplicated by knots,
lay like pointed lines when,
                    the boy was still.

Lines that linked
          to all humanity
          throughout all time and space . . .

Back to the beginning of human kind,
the unshod feet traveling
through the savannahs and forests
along the trails of a huge continent
to the feet walking on this earth
          now at this very moment . . .

Everyone connected by a thin line
          as elastic as a thread
          drawing tightly together
          into an interwoven tapestry
          of humanity
          each thread as significant
                                 as the others

          each leading back to a boy
          with untied shoelaces

This is a recurring theme in my thoughts . .
that all humanity throughout all time has a profound effect on all others including the world around them, throughout time, space, and even into the heavens in regards to every choice they make; every action they commit; and even to the breath of their mere existence.  I visualize the connections as nearly invisible threads connecting every human to every other human and on through the past - all connected ! Sounds like family - it is! 'Tis my own chaos theory . . .

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